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Vincent Depoivre: Boy Toys

Boy Toys (digital photo print) by Vincent Depoivre

Vincent Depoivre: Boy Toys

Curated by Lauchlin MacQuarrie

  • March 01, 2024 to April 30, 2024.
  • 113 McCaul Street, 5th floor hallway (vitrine and lounge annex galleries)


In Boy Toys, French artist, designer, and gallerist, Vincent Depoivre reflects on masculine tropes using the form of children's toys. These LEGO pieces feature rounded edges, lack defining characteristics, and are made of plastic—there is nothing inherently sexual about them. Choosing these figures to act as signifiers of what we perceive as making the masculine form sexual challenges the viewer to reconsider their own perceptions of sexuality.


Depoivre also challenges perceptions of homosexuality. This is evident in Am I a Unicorn? displayed in the Annex Lounge of 113Research. The use of camp as a medium for questioning societal norms is a longstanding tradition within the queer community, and 113Research is excited to contribute to this tradition with this exhibition.


Special thanks to the Faculty of Art and to Dr. Pam Patterson for direction and assistance in building this project.


Image Credit: Boy Toys (digital photo print) by Vincent Depoivre.