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Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum workshop series: Navigate Your Academic Support Needs

Poster for workshop

Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum workshop series:  

Navigate Your Academic Support Needs 


Join us for this interactive in-person workshop for self-identified neurodivergent students (including those who identify with Autism and Attention Deficit) on how to navigate your academic support needs.  


Learning objectives of this workshop: 

  1. Gain insights into your personal learning strengths and learn how to identify your academic support needs. 
  2. Based on your discoveries, develop a personalized action plan to help you achieve your academic goals. This may include creation of your ideal learning environment, practical learning strategies, and accessing various supportive services at the university. 


Workshop presented by Student Wellness Centre staff: 

Chelsea Good, Senior Accessibility Advisor, Student Accessibility Services  

Alessia Pompilio, Accessibility Advisor, Student Accessibility Services 


This workshop will be held on Tuesday February 13th from 1 – 2pm at the Student Wellness Centre (230 Richmond St. W. 8th floor).  


To register or request accommodations for the workshop, please contact Senior Accessibility Advisor Chelsea Good:  


Drop-ins are also welcome at the workshop!