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STI Forum

STI Forum

Congratulations goes out to our very own Professor Alexander Manu who co-authored a paper and is proposing a Green Value Tax" (GVT) and Nature-Centred Development' for Science-Policy Brief Recommendations on ‘Nature-Based Industrial Revolution for Inclusive Sustainable Development’

The "Green Value Tax" (GVT) proposal aims to recalibrate the economic framework by factoring environmental costs into the valuation of
goods and services. This policy recommendation seeks to motivate sustainable practices and discourage activities harmfully to the environment, steering us toward a future that is both sustainable and equitable.

The #STI_FORUM 2024: 9th Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals starts on Thu 09 May 2024 — Fri 10 May 2024:

Congratulations Alex! #Summitofthefuture #ocadu #facultyofdesign #greenvaluetax