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Post Growth Summit

Post Growth Summit image. November 26, at 12pm Eastern Time. Register at Presented by OCAD U CO and Highware (activating radical entrepreneurship)

About the Summit:

The push for perpetual economic and business growth has created deep social inequality and democratic unrest and is killing our planet. There’s an urgent need to promote more equitable economic models and to (re)define entrepreneurship in ways that incorporate indigenous, feminist and artistic perspectives. The Post Growth Summit will convene entrepreneurs, artists, researchers, thinkers and practitioners in the post growth field together to explore the concept of a post growth economy, share existing knowledge and together, create new knowledge and spark a shared vision of what a better business, economy and society looks like.

At the Event you will

• Meet likeminded folx, learn about post growth economics from a variety of perspectives including indigenous, feminist and artistic standpoints.

• Explore what work, business, policy and entrepreneurship looks like in a post growth, beyond capitalism economy.

• Experience a facilitated offers and needs market which demonstrate some of the tenants of a post growth economic world—and help you resource your post growth project, career, journey or enterprise idea.

We’ll be asking whether a post growth or degrowth economy is the answer? What would post growth life, work, play, politics and the planet look like? What is the indigenous response? What kinds of enterprises, will thrive in a post growth, increasingly dematerialized, post-consumer society? What does a model post growth enterprise look like? Website: