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Nominations Open: Faculty Senate Positions

*Nominations Open: Faculty Senate Positions*

Nominations are now being accepted to fill Faculty Area and Faculty At-Large vacancies on the 2024-2025 OCAD University Senate membership.

The Senate is the highest body of academic governance at OCAD University and is responsible for the establishment and regulation of all academic policy, standards, and procedures. In particular, the Senate has purview over academic programming, academic strategic planning, quality assurance, student affairs and any other matter relating to academic issues.

Membership on the Senate is an excellent way to gain leadership experience and ensure a strong faculty voice in the governance of the University. 

Faculty may nominate colleagues from their own Faculty for Faculty Area positions, or colleagues from any Faculty for Faculty At-Large positions.

At this time, nominations are only being accepted for and from Tenured/Tenure-Track, Continuing, Contractually-Limited Term Appointment (CLTA) or Teaching Intensive-Stream (TIS) faculty. Sessional Faculty elections will take place later this Summer/Fall.

For complete eligibility information and nomination instructions, please see the Senate Elections webpage.

Questions? Please contact David Wagschal, Academic Governance & Quality Assurance Officer, at