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Marinating In Our Surrealistic Land

White background with red and black square graphics in the center. White text: "Mariating in our surrealistic land curated by krupa patel featuring artists angelica candido judith grace vijayasenan par nair prachi dhase exhibition dates june 5 - june 27 opening reception june 8 1 pm - 3 pm location clark centre for the arts 191 guildwood pkwy scarborough ON M1E 1P5 supported by". City of Toronto and OCAD U CEAD logo on bottom left.

Marinating In Our Surrealistic Land

June 5 - 27, 2024

Opening Reception: June 8, 2024, from 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Angelica Candido, Judith Grace Vijayasenan, Par Nair, Prachi Dhase

Curated by Krupa Patel

Location: Clark Centre for the Arts, 191 Guildwood Pkwy, Scarborough


"What if our deep consciousness came to life, what would it say?

The exhibition, Marinating In Our Surrealistic Land discovers the works of art which emphasize on what cultural resonance means to the spirits that embody us. It strives to relay a story into our spirits through cultural anchoring on one’s consciousness and the reflection of how this collides with the world around them. Portraying voices from racialized and immigrant diaspora, sink into the intersection of displaced land, stories and memories. The featured works in mediums of embroidery on textiles, henna on wood, mixed media digital illustrations and oil on canvas from artists, Angelica Candido, Judith Grace Vijayasenan, Par Nair and Prachi Dhase.

This exhibition is presented in partnership between OCAD University’s Career Launcher program and the Clark Centre for the Arts.


Krupa Patel (she/her) is an art producer, independent curator and writer currently working in urban planning and public art production. Her practice aims to curate spaces of experiential and immersive environments that amplify the voices of creators to foster community building. As an Indian-Canadian, she is also an advocate for the conservation of heritage craftsmanship practices of different cultures that speak of displaced land, memories and untold stories. Krupa acquired her BDes in Environmental Design from OCAD University. 

Angelica Candido's art delves into the interplay between humanity and the Earth, depicting life's cycles and her dreams. Rooted in a profound connection to nature, she draws inspiration from outdoor exploration. Through storytelling in her paintings, she weaves surreal tales to enrich her understanding of the world.

Judith Grace Vijayasenan is an Indian-born, Toronto-based visual artist. Her medium styles incorporate oils, acrylics, ink and henna on Wood. Judith contemplates themes of memory, land, and connections to the past and present land; India and Canada. She aims to capture the land's essence and associated memories in her work.

Par Nair (she/her) is an Indian born interdisciplinary artist and researcher who lives and makes in the GTA. Her practice which centers on oil paintings, hand embroidery, installation, performative work and creative writing focus on dual identities, hybrid cultures and fragmented realities of migrants. Par acquired her Master’s (MFA) in InterdisciplinaryArt, Media and Design from OCAD University (2022) and her BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University. Her works have been shown at Nuit Blanche (Toronto), Project Casa (Montreal), The Textile Museum of Canada (Toronto), Mayten’s Gallery (Toronto), Riverdale Art Gallery (Toronto), Xpace Cultural Centre(Toronto) and The Kochi Biennale (India). Par is the recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2021-22) and several OAC grants. Within her work, Par unravels and reimagines historical narratives of Indian women.

Prachi Dhase (she/her) is a Marathi-Canadian artist and illustrator based in Toronto. She enjoys creating pieces that focus on people, culture, and the beauty in the mundane. In her spare time, you can find her thrifting, reading, singing, and chilling with her cat, Ollie!


Located inside Guild Park and Gardens, the Clark Centre for the Arts is a stunning new cultural facility that houses specialized art studios and gallery spaces. Guild Park and Gardens is a unique 88-acre site on the Scarborough Bluffs that includes forests, shoreline and a collection of architectural fragments, sculptures and buildings. The Clark Centre for the Arts is interested in working with artists and projects that are responsive to the site and location of Centre’s surrounding neighbourhood, and artists who have an existing relationship to the community.

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