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Glenn Gear Artist Talk | Up Front + Bonavista Biennale Catalogue launch

A digital collage of concentric circles on a black background. The innermost circle is white illustrated faces, followed by various white patterns. Patterns in shades of blue move outwards, the last ring is purple. Small geometric white flowers create a pattern on the background.
Glenn Gear Artist Talk | Up Front + Bonavista Biennale Catalogue launch
Saturday, May 11, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

In partnership with Inuit Art Foundation, join us for an artist talk with Glenn Gear at Onsite Gallery.

Following Gear's artist talk, please stay for the launch of the 2023 Bonavista Biennale catalogue. Curated by Ryan Rice and Rose Bouthillier, the 2023 Biennale featured 23 projects on the Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador including Glenn Gear's immersive installation, “katitsuik | collect, gather”.

Designed by Mark Bennett, the publication includes documentation of each project, as well as texts by Sue Balint, Ryan Rice & Rose Bouthillier, Billy Gauthier, Bushra Junaid, Caroline Seck Langill, and Logan MacDonald. Copies will be available for purchase.

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Onsite Gallery is generously supported by The Delaney Family

About Glenn Gear

Glenn Gear is an Indigiqueer multidisciplinary artist of Inuit and settler descent currently living in Montréal. He is originally from Corner Brook Newfoundland and has family ties to Nunatsiavut. His practice is grounded in a research creation methodology shaped by Inuit and Indigenous ways of knowing – often employing the use of animation, photography and archives, painting, beading, and work with traditional materials such as sealskin.

A portrait photograph of Glen Gear. He wears all black, a baseball cap, and rimmed glasses while facing 3/4 away from the camera. Two black and white illustrations of forest animals, a deer and a bear, are overlayed at the bottom of the photo