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Foraging for Toronto's Lost Rivers

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IAMD Thesis Exhibition 

Opening night - April 16, 2024, 5 - 8pm


"Over the past two years, I have delved into the Lost River Walks project, and related images and documents in the Toronto Archives. Through this investigation, my thesis explores the intersections of history, environmental awareness, and artistic representation, aiming to revitalise a sense of connection with Toronto’s lost waterways and their impact on the city’s evolution. Using tools like Google Lens and a variety of anecdotal, archival, and survey-based sources, I have identified 19 sites along 6 lost or altered waterways. Every artwork is an exploration, and every exploration is a passage through memory and time. By using ink sourced directly from the land itself, I have layered drawings onto photographs to create a multidimensional exploration of memory, history, and place that works to re-contextualize our understanding of past and present."