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Content Feelings with jes sachse and Rea Sweets New media making workshop and slow social gathering

Two people on billboard, one with long green hair making a peace sign with hand, the other with long brown hair, nose ring and crossed arms. The text “Content Feelings” is in the upper left. Physical accessibility and ASL symbols are in the bottom left. The background of the billboard and landscape behind is pink and includes clouds, lights, hills and trees.


with jes sachse and Rea Sweets

new media making workshop & slow social gathering

Inspired by Wendy Coburn's video practice and concern with authorship and its manipulations, join artists jes sachse and Rea Sweets for a time and space of slow art, silent protest, and social media.

In a time of pandemic, privatization & its discontents, how do we carve intimacy in and away from the algorithms of perpetual self/ie-censorship and surveillance? Does content get warnings because we’re not giving space and time for care? Does art dismiss healing? Does the camera come first?


Naps encouraged ONSITE (a physically accessible space)

This workshop is curated to 10 paid participants. Provided for the evening will be ASL interpretation, care support and varied and soft moveable seating, a dinner, and transit fare. This workshop also welcomes digital/remote participants and will be designed in these times with sum hecka disability justice in mind. This workshop is paid because OCAD is an institution and u deserve less barriers to creative space in your community

If you are interested in applying to the CONTENT FEELINGS Workshop, please complete and submit an application by Wednesday, May 04, 2022. You can fill out an application using our online survey .

***Please note Onsite Gallery follows OCAD University's COVID-19 mandate. We require all in-person participants to wear a mask indoors and to show proof of vaccination at entry.***

This is a 3-hour workshop. The workshop starts at 1 PM and ends at 4 PM.

Questions? Visit to learn more about Wendy Coburn's artwork or email

For more information, please visit Onsite Gallery Visitor Information (