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Building an Online Presence with Gillian Toliver and Partial: Workshop & Working Session

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***Note new date due to unforeseen circumstances.***


Building an Online Presence with Gillian Toliver and Partial 

Workshop & Working Session 


Date + Time: Thurs. Nov. 30, 1-3 PM  

Location: 115 McCaul, 3rd Floor 



Looking to share your work and build a cohesive online presence? 


In this CEAD Workshop, Artist Gillian Toliver will share tips and their experience with building an online presence, selling their work via Partial and beyond. In the first hour of the event, you will hear from Gillian and the Partial team. Gillian will go over important considerations and common questions for creating an online presence, utilizing Partial as a selling platform, building a cohesive narrative around your practice, and maintaining your materials.  


Partial will also share tips and tricks on how to use the platform to give buyers, curators, and more a clear sense of your work and practice, and how to effectively present yourself and your art online.  

Participants will leave with a greater understanding of how to approach their own online presence, how to build their Partial artist profile and/or website, and how clear communication can support the growth of their audience. You do not need a Partial profile to participate.  


The second hour of the event will be a peer workshop session. This is a great opportunity to work together on your online portfolio or Partial profile with the guidance and support of your peers. Attendees will be broken up into smaller groups to get feedback on their website and/or Partial profile. 

Snacks will be provided throughout the working session. 


About Partial 

Partial is an art marketplace and platform for artists and art-seekers to connect and engage in real and accessible transactions. Partial began with a simple goal: To bring more original Canadian art onto more walls – directly from the artists that made it. Artists on Partial’s OCAD U Artist Showcase have made more than $120K in rentals and sales on the platform and received residency and exhibition opportunities. Click here to Learn more about the Partial Gallery Career Launcher. 


About Gillian Toliver 
Gillian Toliver is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Toronto. As an artist of mixed Scottish and Caribbean descent, her work often explores spaces existing in an in-between, a world caught in a moment of creation. In an honouring and opening of self, her work is a reaction to the absurdity, multiplicity and fluidity of being. Utilizing practices of labour, repetition and ritual, she navigates the condition of body and mind from systematic censorship through creating new forms in which to pour and bind self to. The creation of these new ‘host’ bodies is used in an act of reclaiming physical and mental environments. 

About Mina Nowzari 

Community Engagement & Artist Success, Partial 

Mina Nowzari holds a BFA in Photography from OCAD University and is a practicing artist working across a wide range of media including photography, mail art, and site-specific interventions. In addition to her artistic background, she has over 3 years of experience in the digital marketing space. In her role at Partial, she acts as the artists’ touchpoint, assisting with their inquiries, reviewing artist applications, and featuring the amazing work on the website across other platforms. 


About Tammy Yiu Coyne 

Co-Founder & CEO, Partial 

Having always had a passion for visual arts and music, Tammy earned a BA in Design and Minor in Entrepreneurship from TMU, and eventually established a career in design leading award-winning work for lifestyle brands and non-profit organizations including Fresh City Farms, Right To Play, and Warner Bros. As she moved through the world of marketing, branding, graphic design, and fashion, she eventually, and unexpectedly (and happily), found herself back in the arts sector, founding Partial in 2016. 



  • This event is open to OCAD U students and alumni 
  • We will have a notetaker present and will share notes after the event 
  • There will stim toys available for participants 
  • Some snacks and refreshments will be provided as part of the event 
  • OCAD U does not require masks on campus. As the decision to wear a mask is now one of individual choice, we ask that all members of the community demonstrate respect for those who continue to wear masks for health and safety reasons. Masks will continue to be supplied in the CEAD. Learn more about OCAD U's masking policy. 
  • Accessibility information is available on our Visit Our Centre webpage. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions for specific accessibility needs. Please email Alexandra Hong at