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Birchbark and Quill Workshop with Kyle Sauve of Mnaabndam Creations

image of flyer paper and quill work floral pattern on a birchbark background


Birchbark and Quill Workshop with Kyle Sauve of Mnaabndam Creations, Saturday, September 17, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Onsite Gallery, 199 Richmond St. W. 

The fundamentals of porcupine quillwork are covered in this three-hour beginner's course. Workshop participants will learn how to use the tools offered strategically, understand the various styles and uses of quillwork, and start on/complete their first piece of quilled art. The workshop centers around the different stitches and patterns within quillwork. After collaboratively working through several of the patterns together, the participants will try a small design (e.g. floral, or feather).  

Registered workshop participants will receive a free complimentary kit valued at $300 that includes the materials and tools necessary.  

Spaces are limited with priority given to Indigenous students at OCAD U. The workshop is a co-presentation and in partnership with OCAD University’s Indigenous Visual Culture program and the Indigenous Student Centre. Additional support was made possible with the generous support of OCAD University’s annual donors. 


To Register, please email one of the contacts below with your name, phone number, and your program year + major/minor. 

OCAD Students, please email Susan Jama (  

Indigenous Visual Culture students, please email Susan Blight ( to register. 

Indigenous Students at OCAD, please email Melissa General at the Indigenous Student Centre ( to register.  


About Kyle Sauve

A person working on artwork

Artist Kyle Sauve is a Rama First Nations band member who primarily works with quills and birch bark. Kyle began experimenting with porcupine quills in March 2020, during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Without access to traditional teachers, he struggled to gather information about this art form. Following a few months of trial and error, Kyle began to grasp the fundamental principles of quillwork. 

Eventually, Kyle was able to connect with a number of talented Indigenous artists by establishing an online presence through various social media platforms, most notably Burl Tooshkenig of Sweetgrass and Cinnamon, who assisted him in expanding into various traditional mediums such as caribou hair tufting, and sweetgrass. 

Kyle's goal, now that he has amassed a wealth of knowledge from a variety of sources, is to meaningfully contribute to the revitalization of quillwork art form through educational opportunities for Indigenous people. 

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