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Back to the Digital Futures      Wednesday 28th September 6-10pm   OCAD University Graduate Gallery, RHA 104, 205 Richmond St.


Welcome back to our amazing Digital Futures community! It has been too long! We wanted to gather to welcome our new DF faculty member Fidelia Lam, who is joining us in January, and to meet each other in person (masked). You are invited to join us for a talk, a social gathering, and research lab visits. We hope to see you there. 


6:00pm Welcome and land acknowledgement 

6:15pm Fidelia Lam Talk, followed by Q&A (205 Richmond St. W.)

7:30pm Visit ACELab with Alexis Morris (230 Richmond St. W.)

7:45pm Visit game:play Lab with Cindy Poremba and Emma Westecott (230 Richmond St. W. )

8:00pm Visit 7th Floor DF Space for pizza+pop (205 Richmond St. W.)

9:00pm Visit Social Body Lab with Nick Puckett 


Fidelia Lam Talk: parkour, power, and practice: lines through a parkour-based pedagogy 

This talk gives an introduction to Lam's critical creative practice and research as a multimedia artist and scholar. Lam weaves together seemingly disparate threads to form a speculative terrain as the basis for multiple modes of creative practice and intervention that attend to questions of diaspora, aesthetics, technology, and the space of the urban. 


Fidelia Lam is a multimedia artist and researcher whose work attends to the shared ground of Hong Kong-Asian/American diaspora, aesthetics, technology, and urban space through recursive assemblages of code, animation, projection, sound, bodies, and critical inquiry. Her multimodal and interdisciplinary practice leverages an auto-theoretical diasporic lens to examine the affective and aesthetic legacies and mutations of empire and colonialism in contemporary culture. Her practice is guided by practices of diasporic movement across geographies and urban spaces. Fidelia is an Annenberg Fellow, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellow, and PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Media Arts and Practice in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.  

Fidelia Lam Talk