Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions 2017-2022

OCAD University is Canada’s largest and oldest art and design post-secondary institution. It provides its community with technical and critical skills and the imagination they will need to be leaders. OCAD University’s Strategic Directions 2017–2022 will support student, alumni and faculty success.

OCAD University takes into account today’s complex and changing global environment, one in which art and design can make a cultural, social, environmental and economic difference. Its graduates will continue to be artists, designers, curators, cultural workers and creative industry entrepreneurs. They will contribute to sectors as diverse as healthcare, engineering, community development, government and finance; and invent jobs, systems and services as yet unimagined.

OCAD University’s Strategic Directions 2017–2022 promotes a dynamic culture that draws on the institution’s 140+ years of studio-based learning. OCAD University is an active city-builder in an increasingly cosmopolitan Toronto. The university will ensure relevancy and opportunity for its students, graduates and faculty, while remaining deeply committed to advancing decolonization and supporting Indigenous knowledges and cultures. OCAD University will strengthen its partnerships with diverse communities at home and abroad.

The university will integrate its differentiated studio-based learning and research in art and design with a breadth of disciplines. OCAD University’s goal is to contribute to an innovative STEAM + D (science, technology, engineering, arts, math and design) that takes into account creativity, sustainability, inclusion and social transformation. OCAD University will create solutions to local, national and global challenges, and will expand its powerful research and partnerships.

OCAD University’s Strategic Directions 2017–2022 is guided by the university’s Vision and Mission, its Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan, and its recent Capital Strategy Review and Strategic Mandate Agreement. By providing a synthesis and summary of these planning documents, Strategic Direction 2017-2022 helps the university establish goals, identify drivers, and stay accountable through institutional scorecards.