Improve your English Language Skills

Our English Language Learning programs help you develop the English language skills you need to communicate fluently and confidently at OCAD U. We work with students who speak first languages other than English and students who have spoken English all their lives.

Your ideas and opinions can influence the types of programs and services we offer. Let us know what activities, services, and resources would be helpful to you by emailing Emilie Brancato, ELL Specialist.

Programs and Services

Our programs offer you an opportunity to focus on language skills and to work with a tutor who is trained in language teaching.

  • Individual and Small Group Tutoring
  • Mini-Series
  • ELL Study Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who are English Language Learners?

English Language Learners (ELLs) come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of educational experiences.

You may be a student who speaks a first language other than English:

  • who has been living and studying in Canada for many years
  • who has been living and studying in Canada for a few years
  • who primarily speaks other languages outside of school
  • who is in Canada on a study permit (an international student)
  • who identifies with several of the options above.

You may also be a student who speaks English as a first language who would like support with the new disciplinary communication skills you're encountering in University:

  • learning, remembering and using new disciplinary vocabulary
  • writing or speaking using the conventions (customs)--e.g. format, organization, vocabulary, level of formality—of communication in your discipline
  • editing your own writing to identify and correct grammatical errors


Vocabulary Resources

  • Coca Corpus (and handout for navigating)
  • Just the word
  • Academic Word List (student-friendly version)


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