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Design WoManiFesTO

Design ManifesT.O. 2020 – Collectively and individually changing the social and physical fabric of Toronto.

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Design is both an evolving and evocative creative process permeating all aspects of social, economic, and political life, and it is shifting the way our city operates, and functions. With human-centred values and diverse perspectives, advocacy, and calls to action, we are collectively and individually changing the social and physical fabric of Toronto, often with design as the catalyst.

As we approach 2020, the Design Wo/ManiFesT.O. asks that we reflect on how design has supported (or not), the process of city-making over the last decades, and where it can lead in the next wave of social, demographic, and technological change.

Send us your vision(s) for the city, your ideas for a reimagined Toronto—from big concepts to neighbourhood-centred dreams. Contributions can take the form of a single word, poetry, short paragraph, illustrations, and other mediums of expression.

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