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Student work by 2012 Material Art and Design Medal Winner Theresa Duong. Photograph by Nicholas Kalimin.

Faculty of Design

The idea is to create objects, communications, environments and experiences that nurture community, harmonize technology, satisfy needs and empower individuals.

Student work by 2012 Material Art and Design Medal Winner Theresa Duong. Photograph by Nicholas Kalimin.

Undergraduate programs in Design (BDes)

Faculty of Design

What does Respectful Design mean to the Faculty of Design?

It means using a variety of creative approaches to:

Value different cultures and ways of knowing and making.
Embed Indigenous learning and principles into the design process.
Acknowledge Indigenous lands and our relationships to the land.
Design with empathy and responsibility towards everyone and everything. 

Undergraduate Programs in Design (BDes)

Advertising. Need over want. Concept before execution. Strategy before style. Messages that combine powerful language and compelling imagery. Recognizing social influence. Developing a sense of accountability.

Environmental Design. Designing ourselves back into the environment by creating expressive interior and architectural experiences that nurture community.

Graphic Design. Minimizing harm and emphasizing the good we can do. Offering a strong focus on design process, typography, image-making and critical, strategic thinking. Mindful design systems for everyone and everything.

Illustration. Developing one’s individual artistic expressions to critically reflect on society. Centered on knowledge and skills that create effective, communicative and artful images that function as a complement to the written word.

Industrial Design. Designing products and processes that take into account the next seven generations, including consumer and commercial products; furniture; interaction and experience design; strategic creativity; applied innovation.

Material Art & Design (BDes/BFA). Deepening our relationships to the materials that connect us to the craft of making. Offering two concentrations: Jewellery/Metalsmithing and Textiles, allowing students to work from either an art or design perspective.

Social Innovation Design Pathway. The Social Innovation Design pathway offers students a series of courses that connects their home discipline and studio work to the broader context of social action and purpose in design.

Congratulations 2018 Medal Winners!

Vibeke Silverthorne

Graphic Design
Graham Nhlamba

Misbah Ahmed

Environmental Design
Kangmin Lee

Industrial Design
Liz Durden

Material Art & Design
Charlize-Nhung Nguyen