Photo identification

Students, staff and faculty are required to have a valid OCAD U photo ID card in order to access some of the areas and services on campus.

  • Library
  • Print Services
  • Studio equipment rental
  • Scheduled exams

Lost photo ID cards are subject to a $20.00 replacement fee.

Staff and faculty must present a copy of their current contract in order to renew or obtain a new photo ID card.

OCAD U photo ID cards may be obtained at the Facilities, Planning & Management office located in Room 2120, Level 1, 115 McCaul Street.

Card and key access

University employees requiring card access and/or key access to an area must obtain approval by the department head, or delegate, and then forward requests to for processing.

Requests are to be approved by their department head, or delegate, and forwarded to Facilities Planning & Management for processing. Access cards publications are accessible via the online card requests ask a system.

OCAD U photo ID cards may be obtained at the Facilities, Planning & Management office located in Room 2120, Level 1, 115 McCaul Street. Hours of operations are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Locker rental information

Locker rentals at OCAD U are managed and administered through Facilities, Planning & Management. Locker rentals are available to any currently registered student on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lockers are available for rental through the Facilities, Planning & Management department once the semester commence and in various pre-determined location during the student orientation period for the fall semester.

Locker rentals for the fall/winter session are available through Facilities Planning & Management from September 1 to April 30 . Lockers must be emptied at the end term.

Persons who occupy a locker without a valid authorization are subject to a fee for the removal and storage of locker contents.

How do I rent a locker?

To rent a locker follow these steps:

Pay $15.00 at the Cashier’s office located at 115 McCaul Street, first floor.

Bring your receipt along with your student ID card to the Facilities Planning & Management office where a locker will then be assigned.

>How much is a locker and why do I have to pay for it?

The locker fee is $15.00 for the locker rental for two consecutive semesters. The proceeds from locker rentals are used to administer the program. The program provides student employment and covers upgrades and maintenance.

>What happens to the items you empty from a locker?

Most items removed from the locker beyond the locker clear out deadline will be discarded. Most art supplies will be donated to a local school. Electronics and wallets will be kept in lost and found for 30 days. All other items will be discarded.

Can I share a locker with a friend?

If you choose, you may share your locker with a friend but just remember that whoever signs up for the locker is responsible for the locker and the university assumes no responsibility for lost and stolen goods.

>What happens if I get to my locker, but the door doesn’t work or it’s damaged?

If you discover that the locker you have been assigned to is in disrepair, contact the Facilities Planning & Management Clerk at Ext. 611 as soon as possible. We will have your locker repaired or assign to you a new locker. Be sure not to wait too long or there might not be another locker available for you.

Combination locks

OCAD U assigned combination locks are provided to all locker rental users. All unauthorized locks are cut off and removed by Campus Security without notice or compensation to renters.

Terms and conditions

Lockers provided by OCAD U offer a basic level security for the convenience of renters.

OCAD U assumes no responsibility for, nor custody of contents stored in lockers.

OCAD U shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to locker contents.

Locker contents remain the sole responsibility of the renter at all times. Renters should not store valuable items in lockers.

Renters cannot make of high value permanent alterations to lockers, at any time during the course of the year.

Locker fees are non-refundable

Pre-existing damaged lockers must be reported within seven days of initial rental.

Locks on lockers are the property of OCAD U.

Lockers must be cleared out at the end of the term. Any items left in lockers will be subjected to a cleaning replacement charge which will be applied to your student account. All items left in lockers post cleaning will be disposed of.

Renter responsibilities

  1. Pay the amount due as stated in the Locker Rental Application.
  2. Read and review the Locker Agreement provided by Facilities, Planning & Management Staff.
  3. Exercise caution when placing foods, liquids or other substances that may escape into adjacent lockers.
  4. Keep lockers clean and odour free at all times.
  5. Report any maintenance problems with the locker, locker hardware or padlock to the Facilities Planning & Management Clerk.
  6. Promptly remove all locker contents at the end of the rental period. Articles not cleared within the deadline date following the rental period shall be considered abandoned and subject to removal by Campus Security and discarded without compensation to the renter.
  7. Firearms, weapons, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia must not be placed in lockers.

Locker rentals frequently asked questions

What if I get to my locker and I don’t like it? Can I switch?

To avoid this happening, write down a few numbers from the ones you are provided with and walk through the area to see which one you like. Students can visit the Facilities Planning & Management office to switch their lockers with proper student identification. The contents of your old locker must be moved into your new locker as soon as possible.

What happens if I decide I don’t want my locker anymore? Can I get my money back?

If you feel that having a locker is really not as useful as you thought it would be, you can cancel your locker by visiting the Facilities Planning & Management Office. However, if you decide to cancel more than 10 business days after the semester start date, you will not be refunded the $15.00 you have paid.

What if someone breaks into my locker?

If someone forcefully enters your locker, it is a criminal act and needs to be reported to Campus Security as soon as possible. The safe recovery of your items depends in large part on how quickly you report the theft. If you are sharing a locker, be sure to let the person you are sharing it with know what has happened.

We advise that you never keep things such as cell phones, wallets, music players (like iPods and MP3 players) or cash in your locker. OCAD U assumes no liability for the loss of any items stored in lockers.

Does the university have the right to access my locker without my permission?

The university reserves the right to access lockers at its sole discretion if there is a suspected security risk or there is an environmental concern such as pest control or odours. Security has the right to enter a locker at any time should they suspect it contains items that put the University environment in danger. Any criminal activity will be reported to police. The university is required to provide police with access in the event of a criminal investigation.

Distribution Services

  • Mail/courier services
  • Internal delivery
  • Packages
  • Specialised studio materials
  • External deliveries
  • Custodial Services
  • Recycling/waste removal
  • Hazardous waste removal/e-waste
  • Landscaping/grounds keeping/ snow and ice removal
  • Switchboard supervision
  • Light maintenance/furniture installation and repair
  • Furniture inventory
  • Move planning and management
  • Pest control
  • Campus signs install and maintenance of nearly all campus science
  • Campus storage and records management
  • Classroom/special event, support/event logistics
  • Provide event setup for events held outside campus
  • Distribution support staff deliveries, set up, break down, pick up, staging, tables and chairs

Distribution supports staff deliveries, set up, break down, pick up, staging, tables and chairs. Facilities operations is the process attached to daily campus operational support services that significantly impact the day-to-day academic functions.

Custodial services

Daily custodial services are provided at no cost of departments are scheduled frequencies from daily to semi-annually: waste removal, washroom, studio, classroom and office cleaning

Pest control

Administering a service contractor is a provision of regular pest control services to all campus buildings.

Recycling and waste removal

The OCAD U community is encouraged to discard all recycled material in the designated recycling boxes. Campus cleaning staff is responsible for the daily removal wastebaskets in washrooms and common areas and weekly and private offices.

Chemical handling/hazardous waste and e-waste removal

Hazardous waste management is handled on campus in an environmentally responsible manner adhering to the standards and compliance outlined by the Ministry of Environment

Classroom/special event support

Tables and chairs setup and tear down for classroom/studio spaces and special events. A sufficient supply is on hand only for minor functions. It's strongly recommended that all departments determine their requirements well in advance of an event.

Office moves/transport, inventory, offsite storage and records management:

Planning and the move services for the transportation of goods, materials, equipment, office moves of furnishings, large or small, and the storage and inventory are administered through Distribution Services

Landscaping and snow/ice removal

  • General grounds keeping: grass cutting; tree trimming; replacing of trees, shrubs and flowers; weed control; irrigation and landscape construction from the spring to late fall.
  • During the winter months, snow and ice removal for campus walkways, parking lots and sidewalks, pedestrian areas and vehicle thorough-fare
  • General Maintenance
  • Administration of various maintenance tasks such as light bulb replacements minor furniture repair, chalkboards and coat hooks

Campus Custodial Services

Facilities, Planning & Management campus custodial staff provide ongoing cleaning services to all areas of OCAD U campus. The campus cleaning team are assigned to nine buildings which equates to an area covering XXX square feet.

Campus Cleaning functions on a 24-hour schedule service on various shifts. Cleaning service occurs six days a week from Sunday evening at 10:00 p.m. and ending Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. during the fall academic year. During the summer academic session, campus cleaning occurs five days a week, from Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. and ending on Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m.

Cleaning routine

Services offered range from general cleaning to waste removal, collection of recyclables to drape and blind repair/cleaning. Routine custodial services are provided at no cost of departments and are typically available at the following frequencies: washrooms, studios, classrooms and common rooms are cleaned daily; general officer and private offices are cleaned weekly. Semi-annual and annual project work is provided and includes stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning and spot washing.

Special Service requests:

Additional cleaning for special events, workshops and incremental projects outside the standard scope of campus cleaning services are available and charged to the requesting Department.

  • Additional steam cleaning
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning
  • Special event cleaning
  • Additional floor refinishing
  • Event setup/Tear Down – Theatre Seating
  • Moving furniture and equipment for special events

Services can be obtained by contracting Facilities Planning & Management via the

Waste Management & Recycling:

OCAD University community are encouraged to discard all recycled material in the designated recycling boxes. Custodial staff are responsible for wastebaskets for the campus offices, classrooms, studios and hallways. Trash is removed daily in common areas weekly and private offices. Disposal of food waste in private offices is discouraged. It is recommended that all food wastes consumed in private offices are disposed of in central trash containers in common areas to discourage the spread of vermin.

  • Garbage tags 
  • Lost and found
  • Posting guidelines
  • Recycling

We recycle:

Paper, newsprint corrugated cardboard beverage containers, all plastic containers, tin, steel and aluminum cans; aluminium foil, plates, Tetra packs all plastic bags; glass bottles and containers in the trunk ways construction and demolition waste, paint, white goods

Co-mingle plastic, cans, glass and cartons- Blue bins are available all across campus

Please label all over boxes prior to placement for collection

Recyclable material should be placed in regular garbage and exterior waste removal in the landfill waste


Types of Batteries collected are; AA, AAA,C, D etc.

Batteries can be delivered and drop off in Distribution Services


E-waste are collected, wiped of data and transported to e-waste disposal cage located inside 100 McCaul, at the loading dock entrance/exit

Surplus Furniture

Excess furniture is temporarily stored and redeployed. Please complete the Excess Furniture/Redeployment form.

Specialized Waste:

  • Large recyclable material
  • Please refer procedures for hazardous wastes. Preparing hazardous waste for collection, please follow the procedures outlined or contact distribution services or assistance.

Work Requests

All campus maintenance and operational work requests are activated through the work order request system in Facilities, Planning & Management.

Facilities, maintenance and operational related concerns or service requests requiring action must be directed to Individuals can also leave detailed messages at extension 600 on any campus telephone.

Chemical Handling/Hazardous Waste

Facilities, Planning & Management handles the transport of dangerous goods and the removal of hazardous wastes on campus in an environmentally responsible manner; maintaining compliance and is governed by legislative requirements contained within the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, as well as the Fire and Building Codes.

Within the Facilities, Planning & Management department, the Distribution Services team, under the supervision of Manager, Campus Operations are the only individuals authorized to receive and transport dangerous goods and in the removal of hazardous waste materials.

Chemical Handling


All Chemicals/Dangerous Goods arriving at the University receiving dock must have the proper documentation including MSDS, bill of lading and other required information.


All Chemicals / Dangerous Goods arriving at the University receiving dock must have the proper safety markers, labels and placards for packages, trucks and containers.


All Chemicals/Dangerous Goods arriving at the University receiving dock is carefully examined to ensure they are intact and in good condition (no leaks, package tears, etc.) before they are allowed to be brought into the building.


Packages or containers damaged or missing the proper documentation, bill of lading, MSDS and/or other required information will not be allowed to be brought into the premises and will be returned to the sender. 

Distribution Process

All Chemicals/Dangerous Goods arriving on site are required to immediately be delivered to the designated destination or stored temporarily in the Chemical Storage Room for a maximum of 48 hours until the appropriate delivery to the designated destination.

Personal Protective Equipment

Distribution Services staff are required to use the required personal protective equipment in the receiving and transport of goods on campus.

Chemical Request Process

All requests for any chemical stored in the Chemical Storage Room on campus are arranged through Distribution Services using the attached Request for Chemical Form.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Request

All chemicals on campus are disposed of through Distribution Services using the attached Request for Disposal Form.

It is the department’s responsibility to ensure the waste is properly packaged, identified and labelled before Distribution Services will accept the waste for processing disposal.

Moves and Transport

Moving services for the transportation of goods, materials, equipment, furnishings, and hazardous goods are administered through Distribution Services area under the supervision of Facilities, Planning & Management.

Most routine moving/transport requirements of small goods occurring during normal working hours are provided at no cost the department. Departments requiring moving services outside of normal working hours will be required to fund such projects. Estimates for the services are provided. Special events off-campus moving services associated with OCAD University related functions; convocation, University fair, Graduate Exhibition, etc., may require prior approval from the Manager, Campus Operations. Large-scale moving services such as office and furniture moves are provided by external contractors will be coordinated and supervised by Facilities, Planning & Management staff and the costs may be recoverable from user departments.

Work Requests

All campus maintenance and operational work requests are activated through the work order request system in Facilities, Planning & Management.

Facilities, maintenance and operational related concerns or service requests requiring action must be directed to Individuals can also leave detailed messages at extension 600 on any campus telephone.

Distribution Services 

Distribution Services provides daily campus pickup and delivery of all internal and external university mail, including any courier packages scheduled to be sent out by shipping and receiving and fax services.

Service also includes the delivery of small items such as library books and related materials through the Inter-University Transit System (IUTS) or transport of large items such as tables, chairs and other classroom/studio equipment.

If you require assistance, please email or dial extension 1234 on any campus telephone or visit us at 100 McCaul Street, room 239, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. We’ll be happy to help.

Services provided:

  • Mail Service
  • Receiving
  • Shipping

Distribution Services Support Team:

Adam Wilkinson, Distribution Services Coordinator

Wycliff Mwesigwa, Distribution Services Clerk x612

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

Location: Main building, 100 McCaul Street, room 239. Distribution Services is located in the 2nd floor, room 239, the central receiving area.

Mail Services

Distribution Services team processes all incoming and outgoing Canada Post mail, provide campus mail pick up and deliveries.

Incoming Canada Post Mail

All incoming Canada Post mail addressed to the OCAD University is delivered and sorted in Distribution Services at 100 McCaul Street. All sorted mail is delivered throughout the day, after 9:00 AM to the appropriate departments on campus.

All mail addressed to the OCAD University is the property of OCAD University. Distribution Services may, in its discretion, reject any mail it deems personal. All undesignated mail or unidentified mail will be opened in the presence of Manager, Campus Operations or an assigned designate, Distribution Services Coordinator and the Distributions Services Clerk.

External Mail

All Canada Post mail leaving the campus must have the correct mailing address information as well as a return address and recipient name.

University mailing address:
OCAD University
Sender’s name
Title and/or Department
100 McCaul Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1W1

Departmental mail out process:

Address all documents, letters, parcels and bundled them based on destination [domestic, United States or international]

Fill out your department account code and contact information on forms provided

Leave the bundles in the mail pickup location designated by your department. If you aren’t sure about the pickup location, please see your department administrator.

Departments of the chargeback for all couples postage is costs on a regular basis

Interoffice mail

Interoffice Mail sent within the OCAD University from one building to another will be transported free of charge. All interoffice mail should be addressed to include the name of the destination person, department and building.


Distribution Services Staff accept and process packages from staff and outside vendors. All the information identifying the packages are properly identified; departmental address, building number or purchase order number and whenever possible, the individual who placed the order are carefully logged.

All packages must be University related. Distribution Services may, at its discretion, reject any packages it deems personal and non-university related.

Distribution Services receives packages daily from all courier vendors;

  • Canada Post
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Purolator

CANPAR Parcels and large deliverables must be correctly addressed:

OCAD University
(Your Department name)
100 McCaul Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1W1
Attention: Recipient’s Name/Phone Number

Campus Delivery

Distribution Services staff deliver packages and parcels to departments on campus. A signature acknowledges receipt of the deliverable is required. This is to guarantee proof of delivery [POD] as a means of tracking parcels throughout the campus.

Check contents: open packages immediately to verify the quantities are correct and verify the content condition is acceptable.

Test electronics: make sure it is in good working condition; verify electrical and technical function. Thoroughly inspect shipped items for damages, check the packing slips orders and report any damages or discrepancies within 24 hours to the and the Purchasing Agent, .

Fragile/oversize shipments: Distribution Services is responsible for and receives delivery for the majority of materials even though policy is to accept all in the materials, we have some logistics exceptions for a place of authority you need to consider the following:

Shipment weight: Distribution Services will not accept deliveries or single units larger than 5000 pounds

Shipment size: weeks of the majority of oversize shipments. However, departments response to oversize shipments for the department when, and staff safety or lack of equipment, distribution is unable.

Department access: simple rule, if it doesn’t go through your door or if it doesn’t fit in the elevator, it’s department’s responsibility with such items to the final location.

Fragile shipments: to order fragile sense of equipment, as the purchasing department to make arrangements for a set in place. This would limit potential delivery risk of and fragile price to our talk, distribution services staff make an assessment on a one-on-one basis, to determine if special handling is required. Department to response to move and fragile, shipping handling is required .

Missed delivered parcels: call us immediately if you receive a parcel in error. Failure to do so may result in the department being charged for the full value of the merchandise.

Personal parcels: we do not accept personal parcels and are not responsible for damage or loss of such items


IUTS –Inter University Transit System Inter University Transit System transport courier service provided by the COU (Council of Ontario Universities) is created to ensure the safe and secure exchange of books and mail between universities in Ontario and related organizations.

All IUTS shipments must have an IUTS, CANPAR waybill. Waybills can be obtained by contacting the .

Couriered Items & Large Pages Courier/Transport

Departments are required to bring the envelope or small package to Distribution Services, 100 McCaul, room 239. A special request for pickup of a large Courier item can be phoned in to distribution services. Special efforts are made to accommodate the department [24 hour notice is required]

Every envelope or package going out must have a Courier Waybill prepared so it can go out [supplies of Courier forms are available from the Distribution Services office]

Shipping items via Courier is up to the discretion of Distribution Services

Department cost center must appear on the waybill, the only exception is for a collection

All Courier packages must be in the shipping department by 12:30 PM

Courier Services/ COD

All Courier service are to be paid for using a purchasing card.

Work Requests & Campus Operational Services Activation

All campus maintenance and operational work requests are activated through the work order request system in Facilities, Planning & Management.

Facilities, maintenance and operational related concerns or service requests requiring action must be directed to Individuals can also leave messages at extension 600 on any campus telephone.

Services requests:

Water leak, heat outage, light bulb replacement, small office moves, a setup for a classroom, meeting or special event, campus cleaning service, plumbing and electrical repairs, removal of recyclable or hazardous waste.

All work requests are converted to a work order and a reference number is issued to the individual submitting the work requests. Work requests are placed in queue, scheduled and coordinated by the Work Requests Coordinator.

Factors that impact the work order process:

Timing of the requested submission - A minimum of 24 hours is required to effectively manage most requests

Priority and need – OCAD University’s objectives and strategic initiatives are considered before any work is initiated, large or small

Availability of staff and funding allocation – Size of the campus and the resources have a direct effect on task initiation and completion

Lifecycle of the system or components If you are unclear about the requests, please contact the Facilities, Planning & Management . The Work Request Coordinator or one of the support staff in Facilities, Planning & Management will respond to your inquiry.

Emergency and After Hours Contacts:

If an emergency arises after Facilities, Planning & Management normal business hours, weekends and holidays, please contact Campus Security Services at 416-977-6000 extension 366. 

Facilities, Planning & Maintenance Services - Billable Versus Non-Billable

Charges are not applied to regularly scheduled maintenance, repairs and replacements of parts to building structures, systems and components.

Charges can apply to discretionary requests of service involving non-maintenance and operational type requests to a specific department. Equipment not specific to parts of the building system for which the Facilities, Planning & Management department does not have full operating controls even if it was installed at the time of construction and added later is the direct responsibility of the department that controls and utilises the equipment to fund, maintain and repair it as required.

Other examples of services directly billed to the department versus those that are not are;

Billable Services:

  • Hanging of items in your office i.e.; white boards, pictures,
  • Wall repairs and painting due to the relocation of items on the wall
  • Re-keying of locks, new and replacement keys, all set-up activities for special events including: table & chair set-up, hanging of banners, electrical support, turning off irrigation, extra need for clean up during or after event outside the Facilities, Planning & Management staff operational hours
  • New window treatments (shades, blinds, etc.)
  • Maintenance or installation of departmental owned equipment including desk lamps
  • Paint requests involving accent walls and common areas
  • New or redesigned HVAC equipment that is not on University’s Capital Projects Improvement budget lists
  • All building alterations or improvements that are not part of the Universities Capital Projects Improvement budget lists
  • Carpet replacement other than for safety reasons or that is not part of the Universities Capital Projects improvement request.
  • Furniture acquisition and repair (unless specifically funded by the University)
  • Extra requests for trash collection and custodial support outside the scheduled cleaning

Non-Billable Services

Set-up activities for special events including: table & chair set-up, hanging of banners, electrical support, turning off irrigation, extra need for clean up during the Facilities, Planning & Management staff standard operational hours 

Room Booking/Facility Rental

  • Cleaning and polishing of public areas, restrooms, classrooms, studios, workshops, labs and lecture halls,
  • Flooring maintenance and replacement, shampooing public area carpets,
  • interior and exterior graffiti removal within 24 hours of reporting 
  • Weekly office cleaning
  • Pest Extermination
  • Recyclable & Waste removal
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Furniture maintenance, repair and replacement [resource permitting]
  • Moving activities including the disposal of equipment or furniture
  • Snow removal/landscaping
  • Office Moves (Approved by the University as part of a space renovation project)

Charge-Out Rates

If you’re uncertain about the service requests, contact the Work Request Coordinator at or leave a message at extension 600 on any campus telephone

Facilities Maintenance

  • Building Maintenance & Repairs
  • Electrical and Lighting Maintenance
  • Fire Suppression Equipment
  • Heating Cooling and Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Plumbing/Carpentry/Painting
  • Window Coverings
  • Elevators
  • Locks and doors installation and maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is the process involved to maintain facilities and mechanical equipment on campus over the course of its useful life.

Services may include;

Routine Building Maintenance & Repairs

Work task designed to address areas such as plumbing problems, light bulbs replacement, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, floors maintenance, heating/air-conditioning needs, repairs to classroom/lobby furniture fixtures and electrical problems such as outlets working breaker trips.

Electrical and Lighting Maintenance

Repair or replacement of most light fixtures, switches, receptacles, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, routine maintenance, interior and exterior lighting systems

Fire Suppression Equipment

Fire detection and suppression equipment to all public areas on campus.

Heating Cooling and Ventilation (HVAC)

Operations and routine maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, HVAC and building control systems across campus


Repairs, service and replacement of washbasins, sinks, toilets, hot and cold water faucets, drinking fountains and drainage systems on a regular routine basis.


regular repairs, maintenance request and non-maintenance carpentry services, installations of items such as shelves, display units must submit requests


All painting of the exterior and/or interior of the University building is coordinated by Facilities Planning & Management.

Window Coverings

Drapery repair, maintenance, replacement and cleaning are provided at no charge to the departments.

Specialty window coverings, motorized roller blinds repaired or replaced at the cost of the user departments

Floor coverings and floor care

Repair, maintenance, cleaning floor coverings and floor maintenance in common areas, offices and classroom.


Service, repair and regularly scheduled maintenance

Locks and doors installation and maintenance

All campus maintenance and operational work requests are activated through the work order request system in Facilities, Planning & Management.

Facilities, maintenance and operational related concerns or service requests requiring action must be directed to Individuals can also leave detailed messages at extension 600 on any campus telephone.

Facilities Rentals

Room Rentals (Internal & External)
Special Event Support

Room Booking Information

Rental space is available on campus. Interested parties wishing to host a meeting, workshop or special event at OCAD University can reserve space for use as a place of assembly for educational, charitable, cultural and similar gatherings or pursuits by organizations outside of the university.

Rental Areas

Several meeting rooms, classrooms, two large lecture spaces, kitchenette and a general gathering area can be reserved for workshops and special events. Classrooms and meetings rooms are “smart” rooms; rooms equipped with audio capabilities, data projection and VCR/DVD projection.

We also have a green space, Butterfield Park, available for special events and community gathering.

Reservations and Confirmation

Facilities, Planning & Management is the central location for the scheduling of all rental facilities for meetings, conferences, workshops and special events. All reservations for facilities must be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to the event date. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm all bookings, along with a $300 refundable damage deposit.

Full payment must be received 5 days prior to the event. Full charges will be levied for use of reserved accommodations unless cancellation is received in writing at least 72 hours before the event.

OCAD University Alumni officially booking the space will receive a 25% off the regular space rental fee.

Room rates and capacities

Space  Room #  Daily Rate   Square Metre  Capacity 
Auditorium  190 $1,500 364 327
Central Hall  230 $750 180 180
Great Hall  270 $1,500 227 300
Lambert Lounge  187 $300 81 40
Lambert Lounge Kitchenette  187A  $300 NA  NA 
Nienkamper Meeting Room  284 $350 91 50
Nienkamper meeting Room Kitchenette  285 $200 NA  NA 
Sun Life Financial Meeting Room  627 $250 31 10
Classrooms     $250 63 -101  30
Lecture Rooms     $400 76 - 119  65
Butterfield Park     $750    1000

Booking Space for an Event

When you contact us to book space for your conference, meeting or workshop, we will require the following information.

  1. Your name, the name of Organization and the contact Information?
  2. How you plan on using the university space (the nature of your event)?
  3. The dates and times of your event? The use of premises is available only during scheduled operational hours. Application for an extension of these hours can be arranged in advance however an open/close fees will apply
  4. Number of guests attending your event? Operational support for room setups and cleaning is required for bookings of more than 25 attendees.
  5. Is alcohol being served at the event? Alcohol Permits (Special Occasion Permits), Security and Smart Serve trained staff are all required at all alcohol events.
  6. Event Security Coverage?
  7. Is AV or IT equipment and technical support required? Information and application forms on room bookings can be obtained via email at

Internal Room Bookings

OCAD University staff and faculty can reserve a room for a special event or meeting on campus, simply by logging into OCADU’s room request portal at

All university staff and faculty space requests must adhere to the following guidelines to be eligible to use the space free of charge.

  • The provision of space for the delivery of courses and formal instruction offered by approved programs of study.
  • The provision of space for all other formal activities necessary for students to complete their programs of study (e.g. special arrangements for tests and examinations to support students with disabilities, final examinations, critiques etc.).
  • The provision of space for supplementary instruction and independent studio learning outside of the classroom or studio.
  • The provision of space for Continuing Education programs.
  • The provision of space for major university sponsored events which the university deems to be of significance.
  • The provision of space for major external bookings that generate revenue for the university.
  • The provision of space for short periods of time for seminars, meetings, colloquia etc. and other activities organized by recognized university groups.
  • The provision of space for all other activities approved by the university.

Any booking requests falling outside these criteria will be recognised as an external space requests and will be subject to applicable rental fees.

Include the date, time-frame and room you wish to reserve. A confirmation will be sent to you when the request has been processed. If you would like to receive a quick reference guide on how to logon and use the room requests portal, please contact .

All space rentals: Facilities Rental & Room Bookings

A limited number of tables and chairs are available for functions held on campus; supply sufficient only for minor functions, it strongly recommend that all departments determine their requirements while in advance of an event. Any persons planning all coordinating special events should confirm space is booked by contacting

Design and construction resources

  • Request a project
  • Project Management
  • Interior Renovations - large and Small
  • Product Resourcing
  • On-site Health & Safety/Workplace
  • Inter-Departmental Consulting
    • Sustainability
    • AODA
  • Project Scheduling
  • Estimating

Facilities Projects oversees all the constructed-related work on the university campus from providing estimates, planning, proposing designs, consultant selection to approvals and project initiation.

The services provided include;

  • Quick Project consultation, drawings, estimates and schedules (link goes to request form – TBD) No cost
  • Consulting services under 100K (i.e. Design, Studies, Architectural, Engineering) (link goes to request form – TBD) 3 quotes required
  • Consulting services over 100K (link goes to request form – TBD) Formal procurement process required
  • Construction services under 100K (link goes to request form - TBD) 3 quotes required
  • Construction services over 100K (link goes to request form – TBD) Formal procurement process required
  • Designated substance air testing and remediation (link goes to request form – TBD) Typically urgent requests…
  • Information or Records – i.e. floor plans, historical project information, warranties, O&M manuals, square footage (link goes to request form – TBD) No cost
  • Request for Strategic Planning – i.e. Real Estate capital planning, forecasting, blocking and stacking (link goes to request form – TBD) No cost Projects currently underway include:
  • TBA Projects being actively planned include:
  • TBA Projects in development include:
  • TBA