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Student work by Ariel Riske, Zachary Bautista, Heejae Choi, Hayley Hinkley.


Need over want. Concept before execution. Strategy before style. Messages that combine powerful language and compelling imagery. Recognizing social influence. Developing a sense of accountability.

Student work by Ariel Riske, Zachary Bautista, Nicole Antinucci, Heejae Choi, Hayley Hinkley.

Bachelor of Fine of Arts in Creative Writing

OCAD University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative Writing is a dynamic hands-on, studio-based approach to the study and practice of writing as artistic creation. Unlike any other creative writing program in Ontario, it enables students to hone their craft while exploring multiple art and design practices.

Collaborative by nature, our transdisciplinary and transcultural approach enriches imaginations, broadens perspectives and helps to develop each individual writer’s voice.

Our program includes the study of living literary culture and literary art practices and production, and emphasizes the practice, craft and production of spoken, written, visual and verbal texts as well as experimental language forms that exist both inside and outside established genres. We welcome ‘attitude’ translated on the page and off, through performance texts and other media.

Writing on the page, off the page & in community

New and emerging writers will become an integral part of a nurturing and supportive literary community. By the end of their degree, each student will complete a body of work/book/recording/performance/installation piece/broadcast/digital work suitable for ‘publication’ to launch their career to the public.

This four-year degree integrates visual, aural and written expression, offering students the opportunity to participate in:

  • An official and dynamic online and print journal
  • Symposia, workshops
  • Showcasing and public performances
  • A book, zine and publications fair
  • Local, national and international community-engaged projects
  • Field trips to local readings, conferences and festivals
  • A Digital and Analog Writing Lab and access to sound studio
  • A reading series featuring established, emerging and student writers
  • Placements and experiential learning opportunities
  • Internships
  • Mentorships, as both mentees and later as mentors
  • University slam team
  • A nurturing and supportive emerging literary community
  • Mentorship by faculty

“Writing, in the strict sense of the word, [is] the technology which has shaped and powered the intellectual activity of modern humans.

Writing in the ordinary sense was and is the most momentous of all human technological inventions. It is not a mere appendage to speech because it moves speech from the oral to a new sensory world, that of vision, it transforms speech and thought as well. [it]…restructure[s] the human lifeworld.”

~ Walter J. Ong

"Writing itself is one of the great, free human activities. There is scope for individuality, and elation and discovery..."

~ William Stafford

Creative Writing