Project Charter

A call for the development of a project charter will be issued, to confirm the principles and values by which the project will be undertaken and achieved. Beyond an integrated design process and the core values and strategic themes identified in the draft academic plan (sustainability, Indigeneity, inclusivity and diversity) these include:

  1. Respect for heritage
    • Celebrate the historic significance, as well as materiality, style and context.
    • Integrate contemporary design ideas and program into a heritage building.
  2. Integration of media, technology and digital capital throughout the project.
    • Exploration of media, technology and digital capital throughout the planning and design process so that the integration of these element is seamless and the potential of program spaces is maximized.
    • Use of interdisciplinary media and technology to create integrated analog and digital studios, maker spaces and new opportunities for interaction and collaboration that are flexible, accessible and inspiring.
  3. Innovative, dynamic and creative design through all elements of the project.