Estimated Construction Budget

$25 Million 100 McCaul St. (new construction)
$5.5 Million 100 McCaul St. (renovation: fabrication studios and other interior renovation)
2.5 Million George Reid House (renovation)
3.5 Million Sharp Centre (renovation)
3.5 Million Art and Design Library (renovation)
$40 Million Total

Note: The Experiential Learning Centre at 115 McCaul St. ($7.8 M) is not included in the budget tally above, although it is an element of the CCC project and included in the area of new construction and renovation mentioned above. Because only a third of the project by area and half, by cost, involves the development of new space, incremental operating costs are not as significant as would be the case for an entire new build scenario. The bar chart below represents the extent of new construction and renovation that is currently proposed for CCC, CCW ΜΆ Phase 1, measured against the 2014-2015 space inventory.

Gross Floor Area

Bar graph of proposed additional space from the Creative City Campus Project