Alumni News November 2016

30s - 50s

New Works by John Lennard (AOCA, 1959) are on display at the Roberts Gallery alongside select paintings by Jack Bush (AOCA, 1934).

Spring Hurlbut (AOCA, 1973) among artists in group show at Mercer Union, 'Astral Bodies.'

The final exhibition at Diaz Contemporary features works by John Massey (AOCA, 1974) in 'John Massey: Black on White.'

Ian Atler (AOCA 1985) is exhibiting a selection of oil paintings at the North York central Toronto Public Library.

Rebecca Belmore (1986) is the recipient of the $50,000 Gershon Iskowitz Prize at the AGO.

Kika Thorne (AOCA, 1990) among artists in 'This is it with it as it is' at UBC's AHVA Gallery in Vancouver.

Shary Boyle (AOCA, Experimental Arts, 1994) is among artists in group show 'Astral Bodies' at Mercer Union.

A project by Bonnie Devine (AOCAD, Sculpture & Installation, 1997) 'La Rábida, Soul of Conquest: an Anishinaabe encounter ' is being displayed at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.

Matthew Barrett (AOCAD, Illustration, 1998) has works on display at the Latcham Gallery in Stouffville, ON.

Janet Vadera (AOCAD, Drawing & Painting, 1999) is showing works in group show at A Space Gallery.

Marcia Huyer (AOCAD, 1999) is displaying work in group show 'the sky is also a map' at InterAccess.

Kotame Bouabane (AOCAD, Photography, 2003) is among artists in 'photorama' at Gallery TPW.

Matt Macintosh (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2004), Keesic Douglas (BFA, Photography, 2008) and Serena Lee (BFA, Integrated Media, 2008) are featured in Pleasure Dome's annual screening 'New Toronto Works.'

Hanna Barczyk (BDES, Illustration, 2007) and Franziska Barczyk (BDES, Illustration 2008) are exhibiting 'Bodies' at Coldstream Fine Art.

Joel Derksen (BDES, Graphic Design, 2010) opens new installation 'Across the Dotted Line' at DigitasLBi in London, UK.

Hazel Meyer (MFA, Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design, 2010) displaying 'No Pressure, No Diamonds' at Idea Exchange Queen's Square in Cambridge, ON.

Marissa Neave (BFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2010) curate show 'the sky is also a map' at InterAccess

Three works by Meryl McMaster (BFA, Photography, 2010) are in show 'Confluence,' hosted at the Doris McCarthy Gallery.

Elise Windsor (BFA, Photography, 2011) is debuting 'HEAVY ON ULTRAMARINE,' a 23 foot mural at Diagonale in Montreal.

Georgia Dickie (BFA, Sculpture & Installation, 2011) has sound work in three night show 'sound bath' at Franz Kaka.

Andrea Manica (BDES, Illustration, 2013) among artists exhibiting in 'In the Thick of it' at Idea Exchange Art + Design's Preston Gallery in Cambridge, ON.

New Gallery Bunker2 opens in Toronto and features Claire Scherzinger (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2013) among exhibiting artists.

Artist collective formed at OCAD U Tough Guy Mountain is hosting and opening part for its new event space and studio, Brandscape.

Trudy Elmore (BFA, Digital Painting & Expanded Animation: Drawing & Painting, 2016) is displaying her first solo show, 'Anybodys Ascension' at HuntClub.

Brittany Shepherd (BFA, Integrated Media, 2016) is exhibiting her first solo show at Roberta Pelan.