In this program, you’ll learn the art of printmaking ̶ a traditional art form that includes etching, lithography, relief, screen printing and papermaking. You will work with a number of techniques to develop original works in bookbinding, photo-etching and digital processes with text, type and image composition.

More About the Printmaking Program

You will first learn the basics of ink and colour printing and how to produce images on screens. You’ll then move on to work on large, more complex projects, while developing your own artistic voice.

At the end of this four-year program, you will earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Get more details about the program.

  • For Ontario high school students, a minimum overall average of 70%
  • Portfolio (samples of your work and a visual representation of who you are)
  • Statement of Intent
  • Official transcripts
  • Other requirements

Graduates of the program work in:

  • Commercial designers and illustration
  • Online, print and alternative publishing
  • Commercial print production
  • Arts or gallery administration
  • Independent web, graphic and digital design and communication
  • Art education
  • Working artists

OCAD U offers so much more than co-ops because creative careers take many forms. Our approach is specialized, and individual to every student’s needs and goals. You will be able to take advantage of:

  • Short experiential learning placements from among hundreds of organizations
  • Creative in-class projects with real-world industry partners
  • Exclusive summer internships
  • Gallery exhibitions of your work
  • Freelance creative opportunities
  • Jobs after graduation

OCAD University’s dedicated support services will help you build a professional community, valuable experience and skills necessary for a meaningful career.



Before you focus on Printmaking, your first year at OCAD University will be in our first year art program. You will have a ton of choice in taking different kind of classes to get a good base for future years. A few are mandatory, such as art history, colour and drawing, but the rest of your classes could include:

  • Sculpture concepts
  • Wearable art
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Animation
  • Body and technology
  • Printmaking
  • Art and code

In second year, you’ll have the opportunity to study topics such as:

  • History of printing and printmaking
  • Screen printing
  • Lithography
  • Intaglio (design that is cut or etched into a printing surface)

Third year will feature an open elective and more advanced courses, such as:

  • Professional practice
  • Text and image
  • Intermediate studio practice

In fourth year, you’ll be able to focus on your interests even more. You’ll also work on your thesis or final project and showcase your work at OCAD U’s GradEx, the biggest free art and design exhibition in Toronto with over 40,000 visitors.