OCAD U Summer Workshops

Registration is now closed. Stay tuned!

Being an artist or designer is not just about acquiring technical skill, it is also about being a strong critical, conceptual and creative thinker. We teach our students how to be well rounded artists and designers who are able to talk about their work, write about their work, present themselves, and market themselves. We set out to help them find their place in a larger community of creative makers and thinkers by encouraging them to seek out opportunities to participate, connect and collaborate with one another.

So when you are preparing your portfolio, we want to know what motivates and excites you, where your ideas come from and most importantly, who you are. We developed a week long program with your needs in mind.

OCAD University’s Summer Workshop is a week-long studio experience dedicated to emerging artists and designers ages 15 to 19 who are considering a post-secondary education in a creative industry or field.

In this immersive workshop you will work closely with faculty who teach in our undergraduate programs while spending time on our campus and in our studios to further develop your skills in areas such as 2D design principles, colour theory, 3D product design and so much more!

You will also have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with our impressive professional gallery, Onsite, to develop your skills as an artist-writer. And you will learn more about the many ways young artists and designers are putting their passion into practice through our recent graduate visiting artist talk series.

We hope that you join us in supporting your studio art or design practice!