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When you apply for admission to OCAD University, you are required to indicate whether you want to enrol in our new non-studio degree program (BA Honours) or a studio-based degree program (BDes or BFA) in the Faculty of Art, the Faculty of Design or Interdisciplinary Studies. While you are required to make this choice so you can focus your studies in one area of interest, you will still have the opportunity to learn a broad range of concepts, skills and knowledge that are common to all programs, regardless of your choice.

The Honours Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies is your chance to explore visual culture and the liberal arts while being exposed to our incredible studio resources as part of your curriculum. Admission is based on a combination or academics and supplemental application materials. 

The Faculty of Art offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with majors in Criticism & Curatorial Practice, Cross-Disciplinary Art: PublicationsDrawing & Painting, Integrated Media, Material Art & Design, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture/Installation. The area of major interest must be indicated on the application. Students admitted to the First Year Art program will officially request entry to their major during the first year of study at OCAD U. Beginning in 2012/2013, first year applicants indicating Drawing & Painting as the area of major interest may be admitted directly into this program. 

The Faculty of Design offers the Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree with majors in Advertising, Environmental Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, and Material Art & Design (fibre, metalsmithing/jewellery). The subject of major is declared on the application and all majors begin in the first year of study at OCAD U.

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies offers majors in Indigenous Visual Culture (BFA) and Digital Futures (BDes or BFA).  The subject of major is declared on the application and both majors begin in the first year of study at OCAD U. The portfolio requirement for the interdisciplinary programs may be slightly different and details will be posted in the Preparing a Portfolio. 

Starting in September 2014, all new undergraduate students entering first year at OCAD U will be required to bring a recommended laptop computer with them to participate in OCAD U's Laptop Program. This is a laptop you already own, or a recommended model you will purchase at education discount. 

To help you in your decision please refer to Academic Programs for a list of programs offered at OCAD U or view our current Undergraduate Programs.

How to Choose a Program

If you need help deciding which studio-based program best suits you, think about how you like to work and do some homework by talking to people who are active in these fields. Some will say that as an artist, you'll find that the challenge is primarily about self expression. You have a statement to make or an emotion to share, and you work independently to communicate your ideas effectively. For a designer, the challenge is primarily about expressing your concept while responding to the particular need of a user, client or group in society. In any creative discipline, your success depends on your becoming a critical thinker as well as a strong visual communicator. 

Undergraduate programs

Graduate programs

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T: 416-977-6000, Ext. x4869
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