Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Workshops

WAC instructors can take advantage of a variety of workshops developed by the WLC to support students in improving their skills in WAC courses. When you request a WAC workshop, WLC staff will work with you to tailor the workshop content to support specific learning activities or writing assignments.  

Led by an experienced WLC facilitator, workshops are 30-60 minutes long and involve active learning through group activities. Topics include:  

  • Understanding the role(s) of context in making
  • Generating and expanding a concept
  • Tracking, documenting and citing information
  • Strategies for reading and engaging with visual and written texts and critical inquiry
  • Vocabulary building
  • Description and analysis
  • Vocabulary of critique

Click here for detailed descriptions of WAC workshops for first- and second-year courses or third- and fourth-year courses.

Interested in including one or two of these in your course? Submit a request here.

Further questions about the workshops?  Contact Rebecca Diederichs, Writing & Learning Consultant, at rdiederichs@ocadu.ca for more information.