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Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative Annual Report 2015-2016

English Language Learners Program Development Report and Recommendations (2016)

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Task Force on Writing Across the Curriculum at OCAD University: Final Report

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Including Writing in Your Course: A Toolkit for OCAD University Faculty

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Writing Across the Curriculum Roundtables

Join us for lunchtime conversation. Tell us about your experiences including writing in your course and share strategies and resources with colleagues from across all programs and Faculties. Roundtables are open to all faculty, staff, and students. Click here to access the poster.

Title: Writing Through the Creative Wall: The Student Perspective on the Role of Writing in Creative Practice.

A student-led discussion on the development of writing and creative practice.


Facilitators: Donya Aref and Calum Csunyoscka (WAC Student Fellows) with presentations by students from FoA, FoD and FoLASSIS.

One of the most common questions art or design students have with regards to writing is “why do I need to do this?” The link between creative visual practice and written communication is not always visible, and shedding light on this relationship is one of the goals of the WAC initiative. One of the ways writing helps creative practice for students is making unconscious intents and outcomes evident, which can help work them through creative blocks. Understanding student views and experience of this process is essential for improving approaches to teaching and learning. This roundtable will be facilitated by the WAC student fellows, Donya Aref and Calum Csunyoscka with presentations by students from FoA, FoD and FoLASSIS.



Thursday January 25, 2018

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm,

Room 512, 113 McCaul Street

*Light refreshments will be provided.