Nicole Collins

WAC Fellow, Faculty of Art

Photograph of Nicole Collins

I am an Assistant Professor in the Drawing & Painting program, Faculty of Art and the School for Graduate Studies. I teach Painting at 2nd, 3rd and 4th year levels with a special emphasis on Materials and Processes and their potential for conceptual development in art practice. As an active, exhibiting Artist, making in the studio is my number one priority. But nothing comes of the work if I am unable to communicate with the many other people that I need to bring the work out into the world: Curators, Critics, Art Dealers, Collectors, Grants Officers, Fellow Artists, Writers, Students. Writing is one of my main means of communication. In the studio classroom Writing is also a fundamental tool, not only for communication, but also for developing the ideas that come from making, and that drive the process forward. Students take notes and write lists, proposals, work plans, critiques, poetry, progress reports, assessments and titles; ALL of these are part of the finished Drawing or Painting, Animation, Film or Sculpture that you may see in the gallery. It is a great pleasure to work with the Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative to highlight our successes in the Faculty of Art, and discover new ways of teaching and learning.