Donya Aref

WAC Student Fellow, Faculty of Design

Photograph of Donya Aref

I am a 2nd year Graphic Design student. As a mature student with previous university experience and a science background, I felt comfortable with writing when I first entered OCADU but soon realized that I needed a new vocabulary to effectively write about design. I initially became familiar with WAC through my Writing In Discipline (WID) courses and my involvement with the first year writing exhibit. As the first cohort of students to experience some of the results of the WAC initiative through courses that focus on integrating design and writing, I have seen both the benefits of including writing in my creative process, and the parallels that run between the two. I use writing not only to brainstorm ideas, but also to critically engage with outside research and my own making. I’ve found the act of reflecting on each stage of a design project through writing, has helped me uncover and clarify for myself why I made something the way I did. As someone who has experienced the benefits of the WAC initiative in my design education, I am excited to work with the Steering Committee to provide a student perspective and help refine and expand the initiative.