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Material Art & Design

Deepening our relationships to the materials that connect us to the craft of making. Offering two concentrations: Jewellery/Metalsmithing and Textiles, allowing students to work from either an art or design perspective.

Masha Gabrieleva, Neostructivism. Photo: Nicholas Kalimin

Download the 2016 MAAD Thesis catalogue here.

Material Art & Design

Through this studio-based program, students will deepen their relationship to materials that connect us to the craft of making. Students will apply new and traditional techniques as well as learn their cultural and historical significance. 

You will focus on making your own functional and expressive objects and learn the critical and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed. You will be taught by top textile, jewellery and ceramics artists and designers, and develop your own portfolio and career path.

Our studios are equipped with the traditional tools and new technology needed to prepare graduates to work as artists, designers and craftspeople. Program graduates span the world working in ceramics, jewellery, textiles, fashion, costume, interiors, museums and research.

Choose to focus on textiles or jewellery/metalsmithing, or take courses from across the two subject areas with electives in ceramics, wearable form, wearable technology, furniture design, sustainability and more.




Create your own printed, woven and experimental textiles for sculpture, clothing and surface design using traditional methods and new technology such as digital printing, embroidery and knitting.


Create your own fine jewellery and sculptural forms with metals and alternative materials using traditional methods of fabrication and casting alongside computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Selected Graduate Links

Emma Aurelia
Kayley Flowers
Freshly Printed
Erika Iserhoff
Elizabete Ludviks
Erin Tracy

Faculty Members 


Mark Jaroszewicz
Joni Moriyama
Robin Tieu (Technician)


Monica Bodirsky
Tarah Burke
Chung-Im Kim
Ana Galindo
Lynne Heller
Rachel MacHenry
Dorie Millerson (Chair)
Kathleen Morris
Meghan Price
Joanna Schleimer (Technician)
Laurie Wassink (Technician)


Greg Bauer (Technician)
Shao-pin Chu
Alex Kinsley
Lindsay MacDonald
Van McKenzie
Robert Mitchell
Greg Sims
Annette Van Leeuwen
Ken Vickerson

Material Art & Design

Bernhard Dietz
Audrey Hudson
Sarah Tranum 

Program Assistant

Robert Pisano

Program Course Offerings

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