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Student work by Ca Thu Le, 2013. Photo by Sarah Mulholland.

Integrated Media

Examine the role of technology in our culture and a wide range of media practices such as film, video, robotics, electronics, performance, web, installation, interactivity, animation, audio.

Student work by Ca Thu Le, 2013. Photo by Sarah Mulholland.

Integrated Media

Integrated Media is an innovative digital and time-based area that encourages an interdisciplinary exploration of media practices. Students are asked to question how they position themselves in the world in relation to technology.

“As I see it, technology has built the house in which we all live. The house is continually being extended and remodelled. More and more of human life takes place within its walls, so that today there is hardly any human activity that does not occur within this house. All are affected by the design of the house, by the division of its space, by the location of its doors and walls. Compared to people in earlier times, we rarely have a chance to live outside this house. And the house is still changing; it is still being built as well as being demolished.” – Dr. Ursula Franklin, The Real World of Technology

The Integrated Media program examines the role that technology plays in our culture and emphasizes our need for critical engagement.

Students are exposed to a wide range of media practices that include:

  • film
  • video
  • robotics
  • electronics
  • performance
  • web
  • installation
  • interactivity
  • animation
  • audio.

Students graduate from the program as independent thinkers and doers. Our graduates have gone on to careers as media artists, curators and theorists, and practitioners in the film and television industries, as well as to graduate schools and international and local residency programs.

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Program Course Offerings

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