Suggested expansion/elective courses for Material Art & Design students include (subject to being offered):

Making, Materials and Technology

MAAD-2006 Intro to Ceramics

MAAD-2007 Ceramics: Mouldmaking

GDES-3034 Domestic Ceramics

GDES-3042 Architectural Ceramics

GDES-3046 Ceramics Surface Design

GDES-3014 Furniture Design 1

GDES-3023 Furniture Design 2

GDES-3082 Furniture Construction

GDES-3018 Design with Technology 1

GDES-3047 Jewellery: Explorations

GDES-3015 Wearable Computing

GDES-3041 Wearable Electronics Studio

GDES-3048 Wearables: Pattern Drafting

GDES-3070 Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

GDES-3073 Wearables: Draping

GDES-3072 Children's Toy Design

GDES-3077 Introduction to Photography

FABR Intro to Fabrication & Fabrication Studio (Metal, Plastic, Wood, & Digital Bronze)

MAAD courses in addition to required selections


Communication and Cultural intelligence

GDES-3009 Art of Presentation

GDES-3011 Social Innovation Design

GDES-3019 Designing across Difference

GDES-3051 Participatory Design

GDES-3079 Design Study Abroad

CROS-3014 Art & Design Education Lab: AGO


Design, Media and Entrepreneurship

GDES-3005 Guerrilla Entrepreneurship

GDES-3104 Internship

GDES-3113 Social Enterprise Catalyst

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