Industrial Design student awards

  • Congratulations to Martin Luu, medal winner for OCAD University’s 102nd Graduate Exhibition (GradEx)! (May 2017)GradEx 102 Medal Winners ID Martin Luu

  • Congratulations to Jessye Lilly Joy Grundlingh, medal winner for OCAD University's 101st Graduate Exhibition (GradEx) for her project, “Alō”, a sustainable eating toolkit that helps you transition to a plant-based diet. (May 2016)INDS Jessye GrundlinghINDS Jessye Grundlingh display

  • The Monarch Custom Plywood Award is awarded for excellence in critical thinking, process and innovation in Industrial Design: Furniture studies at OCAD University. This year's winners are Nazanin Minoei and Samantha Tam. (February 2016)

  • The Queens Start-up Summit is a university-wide competition to create a ready for market start-up pitch within a weekend. This year OCAD U students were found in each winning team: Marvin Lau (Advertising) and Igor-Manuel Aldomar Jurczyk (Industrial Design) were on the first-place team for their project, Spaces, a contextual furniture store run on an e-commerce platform. The second-place team included Grace Walker (Graphic Design) and Mickie Halpern (Illustration), and the third-place team had Kamilah Carter (Graphic Design). (February 2016)

  • Two interdisciplinary teams of Environmental and Industrial Design students took home the top prizes at the Kentwood Design Challenge held at Toronto’s Interior Design Show (IDS 2016). The first prize of $3,000 was awarded to OCAD U’s Olayide MadamidolaKyung Hyun Kim and Joon Leem for NATURE X NATURE. OCAD U students Hamid Shahi and Victor Mancini won the second prize of $2,000 for DYNAMIC LANDSCAPE. Finalists Topher Kong and Avis Ho also received a $1,000 prize for SHAN SHUI. 

  • Alisa Wronski was part of one of the winning teams of Hack Western 2 for her group's project bblip, which won for "Best Use of AWS". Click here for more. (November 2015)
  • The Canadian winner of the 2015 James Dyson Award is OCAD U alumni Yi Jiang, who designed Drumi, a sustainable foot-powered washing machine that requires no electricity and emits zero carbon emissions. As with all the best problem-solving designs, it will be simple to use, but effective. (September 2015)
  • Congratulations to Oscar Kwong, medal winner for OCAD University's 100th Graduate Exhibition (GradEx)(May 2015)

    Oscar Kwong

  • Jenn Seoyoung Kim, a 2013 ID graduate, was accepted to Hongik University's International Design School for Advanced Studies. She also received a position in the Design Lab named the International Design Trend Centre and a scholarship. (August 2014)
  • Applied Arts Magazine winners are Emma Blackshaw (PHOTO), Hong Chen (2nd-year ILLU in 2013/2014), Bonnie Cheung (ADVR), Sarah Eldershaw (ID), Hoda Gharai , Sang Hee Lee, Cornelia Li (4th-year ILLU, graduated this May). (July 2014)
  • Ocean Fukuda, OCADU Medal Winner: Fukuda collaborated with an industrial woodworker/spiritual leader from Six Nations to complete his thesis project, Symbolic. Featuring clan symbols on wooden doors, the work aims to strengthen pride and promote awareness of the Six Nations community. (May 2014)
  • Julie Topp participated in a fellowship program at Myplanet Digital and her work was featured in Macleans Magazine. (May 2014)
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