Storytelling and Entertainment


GDES-3068 Concept Art: Characters 

GDES-3069 Graphic Novel Illustration 

GDES-3074 Sequential ILLU Project 

GDES-3075 Book Illustration 

GDES-3095 Concept Art: Settings 

GDES-3112 Storyboarding 

GDES-4008 Animated Illustration 


DIGF-1007 Intro to Game Design 

DIGF-2012 Low Poly Game Art 

DIGF-2013 2D Game Design 

DIGF-3006 3D Game Design 


Communication and Cultural intelligence 


GDES-3009 Art of Presentation 

GDES-3011 Social Innovation Design 

GDES-3019 Designing across Difference 

GDES-3039 Branding: Products 

GDES-3045 Illustrative Activism 

GDES-3051 Participatory Design

GDES-3094 Creative Practice & Change 

GDES-3105 Public Relations 

GDES-3110 Social Media Ad Practices 


Design, Media and Entrepreneurship


GDES-3003 Typeface Design 

GDES-3004 Packaging Design 

GDES-3005 Guerrilla Entrepreneurship 

GDES-3007 Wayfinding systems 

GDES-3008 Branding: Institutions 

GDES-3010 Animation & Motion Graphics 

GDES-3029 Package Design 2 

GDES-3037 Research, insight, innovation 

GDES-3063 Conceptual Game Design 

GDES-3089 Generative Media: form & code 

GDES-3091 Interactive media: Web 

GDES-3103 Information Visualization 

GDES-3104 Internship 

GDES-3113 Social Enterprise Catalyst