Graphic Design student awards

  • Congratulations to Tucker McLahlan, medal winner for OCAD University’s 102nd Graduate Exhibition (GradEx)! (May 2017)GradEx 102 Medal Winners GD Tucker McLahlan

  • Congratulations to Tristan Marantos, medal winner for OCAD University's 101st Graduate Exhibition (GradEx) for his project, “Life After Death”, which proposes a series of speculative artifacts for a world in which human life is extended indefinitely. (May 2016)GRPH Tristan MarantosGRPH Tristan Marantos display

  • The Queens Start-up Summit is a university-wide competition to create a ready for market start-up pitch within a weekend. This year OCAD University students were found in each winning team: Marvin Lau (Advertising) and Igor-Manuel Aldomar Jurczyk (Industrial Design) were on the first-place team for their project, Spaces, a contextual furniture store run on an e-commerce platform. The second-place team included Grace Walker (Graphic Design) and Mickie Halpern (Illustration), and the third-place team had Kamilah Carter (Graphic Design). (February 2016)

  • Lee Wilson (alumnus) won a gold award in the category "Best Cover" at the National Magazine Awards for his magazine Feathertale. (September 2015)
  • Graduate student Ali Gagnon has won this year's RGD Student Competition in the category of Brand Design(August 2015)
  • Avarie Graham, 4th-year Graphic Design student (graduated in June), was the 2015 Gold Award winner in the Applied Arts Mag Awards for Botanical Patterns. Winners and photos will be published in the   November/December 2015 issue. (July 2015)
  • Graduate student Tom Briggs (and Program Medal winner for 2011) and Hazel Wilcox (2014) were hired as Senior Graphic Designers at Cervelo Bicycles. (July 2015)
  • Dora Poon and Zhi Gao, our Graphic Design students, were the winners of this year's student design competition for The Packaging Consortium (formerly the Packaging Association of Canada -- PAC) for 2015. (June 2015)
  • Congratulations to Jessica Bartram, medal winner for OCAD University's 100th Graduate Exhibition (GradEx) (May 2015)!
    Jessica Bartram
  • Congratulations to Tucker McLachlan, this year's recipient of Mariah's Fund. Tucker will be attending the University of the Arts in Berlin from April to July 2015. Mariah's Fund is a generous gift from the Unger Family in remembrance of their daughter Mariah, a student in the Graphic Design program who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Mariah had hoped to participate in the Student Mobility experience. Through the generous contributions of a large community of friends and family, a memorial fund called Mariah's Fund has been established to provide an annual award to one graphic design student in the Student Mobility/Exchange program. (February 2015)
  • Mhairi Robertson, Student Design Competition winner, Packaging Consortium (PAC) (October 2014)
  • The 2014 RGD Award Winners were published and the Entro Award for Placemaking Design went to Graphic Design student Ansel Schmidt (August 2014)
  • Chris Lange, OCAD U medal winner: In Typographic Obfuscation, Lange explores ways to defend the privacy of day-to-day personal communication using low-tech and accessible tactics as an alternative to encryption. (May 2014)
  • Graphic Design students and the OCAD U Student Press have won an award for "Shift: Processes" from the Alcuin Society in the Limited Editions category. Their book will be showcased in Canada, Germany and Japan. Venues include the Canadian Embassy in Japan, the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Leipzig Book Fair. The book will also be shown at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, August 18 to September 5, 2014. (May 2014)

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