Preparing your application

Make an appointment with an Exchange Coordinator to verify your eligibility to apply for exchange. Prior to the meeting, students are expected to do some research. Be sure to review the 'Outgoing Exchange' page of the OCAD U website along with our current list of 'Exchange Partners.' Select up to a maximum of two schools you wish to apply to.

Supporting documents

  • Two Faculty Recommendation Forms: once completed, instructors are to submit these forms directly to 
  • A Statement of Intent: in 200-300 words, indicate why you wish to study abroad and what you hope to achieve through this experience. 
  • Application fee - receipt: pay fee at the Cashier's office, located at 230 Richmond Street West, Level 7.
  • Graduation Assessment Form: submit this form to the Office of the Registrar, located at 230 Richmond Street West, Level 5.
  • Exchange Program Eligibility Verification Form