Material Art &
Design Minor

A minor in Material Art & Design is intended to provide access to concepts, skills, materials and processes to students outside the Material Art & Design program. First-year requirements need to have been completed prior to starting this course of study. The initial two courses provide a grounding in the specific mediums: jewellery, fibre or ceramics. They are also the most common prerequisites for additional courses in those mediums. This minor is also intended to be non-prescriptive, in that students may take complementary courses in other mediums as long as they have the appropriate pre and/or co requisites. Students are strongly advised to check the course descriptions for courses which require pre- and/or co- requisites. These courses are designated with a (▲) in the program listing.

Note: Students in this Major or Minor Program Area are included in the Laptop Program, and are required to pay the associated fees for software and support.

To review the Material Art & Design minor program guide, go to the Program Guides page.

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