SFI Full-Time Students

First Year

Kyoko Ariyoshi

Rachelle Bugeaud

Rachelle is a designer and artist working to improve the human experience. She holds an Honours Bachelor's of Design degree from the University of Alberta, with semesters abroad at the Köln International School of Design, and the Fachhochschule Münster. This education has dotted her with an impressive skillset in graphic and industrial design which she has used to develop both client work and personal projects (Bureau for Designations). In her previous employment as an art director, illustrator, production designer, and animator she collaborated in the development of online course materials for universities. As an SFI student, Rachelle is interested in expanding her ability to problem solve in order to successfully pursue larger, more complex design challenges.

Tara Campbell

Kate Gaffigan

Bhreigh Gillis

Lucy Gao

Rachna Kumar

Ryan Lebreton

Ryan was born and raised in Bathurst NB, only to leave to complete his undergraduate degree at Mount Allison University in Sackville NB. There, he studied Economics and was the Students’ Union President. Ryan has a passion for creative and innovative processes, particularly with economic development. He is humbled to be part of the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program, and excited to be part of such an immersive experiential learning program.

Jananda Lima

Arian Lutterman

Mathura Mahendren

Maryam Mohamedali

Tieni Meninato

Jennifer Newton

Juan Sandoval

Ali Shamaee

Hallie Siegel

Alex (Oleksiy) Teselkin

Alex's life had revolved around innovation -- first, in the organic world, then in the world of design and business. An evolutionary biologist by training, and a futurist by heart, he helps organizations to deal with the unknown. Capitalizing on his technical background and also on his imagination, Alex helps teams prepare for coming challenges they may not be aware of. He is ready to tackle the opportunities in weak signal analysis, visioning, and behavior space design, and to deliver solutions using a structured diagnostic system for wants, needs, and desires of cultures, with insights generated through direct experience, experimentation, imagination, and discovery in public data.

Kristen Webster

Second Year

Salman Abedin

Roberto Andrade Selibe

Nannini Lee Balakrishnan

Maziar Balazedehjavidiani

Pupul Bisht

Alana Boltwood

Jaime Calayo

Hannah Carriere

Chris Chopik

Tania De Gasperis

Tania is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for wicked problems. As a strong advocate for human-centered thinking and iterative working, she is at her best when problem finding to co-create solutions and opportunities.

Natalija De Jesus

Samia Hossain

Samhita Misra

Das Moodley

Ian Prieto-McTair

Jordyn Rowntree

Sharene Shafie

Macy Siu

Mackenzie Throne

Danial Ura



Hala is a global citizen with a background in service design, branding and reputation management. Hala traveled and worked extensively with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Hyatt International to support the opening of new and established hotels in Jordan, Qatar and Toronto. Hala holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business with a focus on Leadership and Management. Hala is also a Certified Professional Coaching Coach with a focus on transformation and building resilience. Over the years she has applied her skill sets in a multitude of settings such as collaborating on an eight month strategic assessment of a non profit theater group in Toronto, creating a Graduate Insights Report for an affiliate of Engineers Without Borders (Admitting Failure: Insights Report at the Intersection of Innovation, Creativity, Change Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior), and tapping into funding opportunities for the first "Fail Forward Conference" at MaRS Discovery District. She is interested in topics related to the managing of team dynamics and what motivates and drives us. Hala explored non traditional forms of leadership in Bedouin tribes and rural villages in the Middle East and got to witness firsthand how small changes can create a lasting impact.

Kennedy Chiejina

Natale Dankotuwage

Natale Dankotuwage was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Graduating from the University of Toronto in Political Science, with a focus on Post-Colonial History. Over the past few years she has been exploring the development of sustainable inclusive third spaces. She has worked closely with founding members of organizations developing co-collaborative and co-creative spaces across the world. From Roots Hyderabad (recognized by The Hindu) to Free Space (recognized by the White House Champions for Change). As a 2013 Asia Foundation Fellow she worked with Sri Lanka Unites developing a Reconciliation Center (Funded by British High Commission). And as an IDEX Accelerator Fellow has worked at BHive Workspace (recognized by the Economic Times) as a Community Manager. All of these spaces are open access, equitable commoning of resources and ideas to foster innovative economic, social and political shifts within their localities. They are projects that aspire to be a safe, productive space where people can pool resources towards collective use and stewardship for the greater community.

Oktay Kesebi

Lindsay Roxon

Lindsay Roxon is a student in the Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University in Toronto, where she focuses on system and service design for health care innovation. After working in the advertising and design industry for 5 years, Lindsay developed a love and understanding of the power of design to bring about change. With her background in Political Science (BA, Dalhousie), and Global Affairs (Graduate Certificate, NYU), she hopes to use design thinking and foresight to make the world a more user-friendly.

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor started his design journey in Jewellery. He is formally trained as a Goldsmith, and model maker. After graduation and a traditional (German) apprenticeship he was inspired to build much more than a jewelry studio practice. Since 2007, he has specialized in ethical policy development, sourcing protocols, and systems for supporting transparency in jewelry supply chains. Fair Trade Jewellery Co. (FTJCo.com) is the result. It is a multi-certified BCorporation that has set the benchmark for ethics in the jewelry industry. FTJCo specializes in the manufacturing of made to measure and custom designed jewellery produced with materials that address both the positive and negative impact on social systems and the environment. Fairsources (a div. of FTJCo) helps support designers and companies across North America, who shares our commitment to responsible businesses practices. At Normative, he has a home to explore his passion for technology. His practice focuses on transdisciplinary design, systems thinking, and ethics.

Jenny Whyte


SFI Part-Time Students

First Year

David Akermanis

Neil Botelho

Irene Cortes

Tamara Daniel

Jenny Hwang

Huda Khan

Brianne Kirkpatrick

Brianne Kirkpatrick grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario before moving to Toronto to write chick lit. She ended up studying Public Policy at the University of Toronto and working in the MUSH sector - at the Rotman School of Management and University Health Network - before joining Deloitte's public sector transformation team. There, Brianne helped build Deloitte's Behavioural Insights practice - which, through incorporating the study of psychology into economic decision-making, offers low-cost, human-centred improvements to policy and program design. Now, Brianne works with Ontario's Behavioural Insights Unit (BIU), an internal consultancy within the provincial government, to tackle some of government's thorniest behaviour change challenges.

Christine Martin

Navinder Matharu

Silva Nercessian

Nicole Norris

Adam Oliveira

Jordan Ostapchuk

Jaime Rivera

Robyn Rucchin King

Amy Saunders

Lincoln Shand

Bo Siu

Milena Tasic

Jenna Treftlin

Jennifer Wilson-Lee


Second Year

Merwad Abdallah

Lindsay Clarke

Sergio De Lara

Lesly-Ann Foulds

Neal Halverson

Andrew Hladkyj

Adam Hogan

Zaid Khan

Kathleen Kudelka

Christopher Leveille

Kashfia Rahman

Frances Rawlings

Laura Robbins

Pam Sethi

Ashley Spiegel

Jessica Thornton

Ayana Webb

Lloyd Wiredu

Alastair Woods


Third Year

Dee Brooks

Tyler Calder

Annie Constantinescu

Courtney Cooper

Amy Davies

Donna Dupont

Sunita Ferrao

Vincent Galante

Vincent is co-founder and principal at The Pixel Shop, a Toronto-based digital agency. As an experienced and cross-functional strategist, information architect, and designer, he has played a prominent role in the creation of online properties, applications, and campaigns for some of Canada’s most recognized brands across a wide range of sectors. He holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts (Visual Art) from York University, is a member of The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD), and represents RGD as a board member on the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC), a cross-disciplinary design think tank. Vincent has a strong interest in working within multi-disciplinary teams to explore the human dimensions of the future internet, and in better understanding the structural and cultural aspects of innovation mandates and change management.

Lisa Hart

Ziyan Hossain

Michael Keoshkerian

Having grown up with an extended family that constantly seeks to bend the rules, Michael turned out exactly the opposite. This has led to a fascination of societal and ethical structures, and how rapidly changing information designs may further change how we live. Michael is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History, Political Science, and Classical Civilizations, he worked in policy and information management for the Ontario Government for over 5 years with various ministries and agencies. Currently, he is the Projects Manager of the Privacy and Big Data Institute at Ryerson University. A fan of science fiction and technology, his favourite pastime is reading a good old-fashioned book.

Nicole Knibb

Calla Lee

Christine McGlade

Christine McGlade is the Founder and Senior Partner at Analytical Engine Interactive, a user experience design and content strategy consultancy. She has been a usability practitioner, content strategist, and website manager for over 15 years. As the Director of Interactive at TVO from 2005-2012, she was responsible for the management of tvo.org and the development and launch of tvoparents.com, a digital content marketing channel. She was executive in charge of production on more than a dozen transmedia projects, and commissioned serious games such as “Persuasion”, a negotiation game, “Honoured Citizen”, a Facebook election game, as well as a handful of apps and digital documentaries. From 2012 – 2014, she taught New media Communications in the joint UTSC/Centennial College New Media Program. She received her AOCA in Photo Electric Arts in 1991, a certification in Internet Business and Technology from the University of Toronto in 2005, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media from OCAD University in 2010. The thesis she submitted in her fourth year at OCADU’s BFA in Integrated Media proposed that the Internet is a life form. Her course of study during this MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation will expand and refactor this investigation with a focus on impacts that the networking of humans and smart machines has had on business, education and government. Her thesis will answer the questions: Can we effectively leverage ideas like gamification, persuasive design, and ethical data gathering for the public good? What are the new models for education and government that align with the Pull model of knowledge and data sharing? What are the possible outcomes of various strategies and models?

Kelly Payne

Nenad Rava

Sanam Samanianpour

Sanam Samanian is a Toronto-based writer, curator and strategist, focusing on the promotion and curation of art, architecture and design content. Infinitely curious about humanity's impact, she has been academically trained in the field of architecture—with a strong interest in research, exhibition design, conceptual installations and contemporary art. Over the years, she has divided her time between executing independent projects and leading the Business Development, Marketing Communications efforts of Canadian firms such as Sweeny&Co, HPA, PARTISANS and DIALOG. Sanam has been the appointed Executive Director for the fourth installment of the city-wide Toronto Design Offsite Festival in 2014. She cites "Intermission" at MacLaren Art Centre (2011), "Soft Souls" at Walnut Contemporary (2015) and Transmutation at Governors Island Art Fair in New York (2015) to be her most important curation work to-date. Sanam's independent contributions to international journals are published in Canadian Architect, ArchDaily and Spacing Magazine.

Melissa Tullio

Maheen Zaidi



Nadia Berger

Nadia has a diverse background in community work and healthcare. Her belief that an empathetic understanding of on-the-ground realities is integral to successful change and this belief is one that she carries with her throughout her experiences. In 2012, Nadia co-founded Fair Trade Toronto, a non-profit that achieved Toronto’s designation as the largest Fair Trade City in North America. After three years in the Executive Director role, Nadia has a new focus building her leadership skills as a Fellow of the DiverseCity program with CivicAction, for 2014/15.

Sean Molloy

Sean Molloy is currently the Director of Quality, Safety and Enterprise Risk at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto. Sean has extensive experience in quality improvement and patient safety in health care and holds a Master of Health Administration rom the University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation (MHSc). Sean has a research interest of integrating principles of design into quality improvement and patient safety in health care.

Rachel Noonan

Rachel has over 12 years of experience in strategy development and integrated brand marketing in the entertainment, lifestyle and media industries. She’s brought a wealth of experience to brands she has worked with; having led campaigns for clients such as The Canadian Film Centre, Alliance Films, Samsung, Microsoft and Rdio. Rachel has worked to become a thought leader at the intersection of technology and entertainment, constantly moving forward and is currently an Associate Creative Director at Mosaic and doing a Masters of Design in Strategy and Innovation at Ontario College of Art and Design.

Corey Norman

Corey is an experienced innovation and design professional who works directly with complex networks of stakeholders in the discovery, design and development of organizational strategies, user-centered processes, and innovative products, primarily in the social sector. Corey has particular interest in helping companies by designing at the intersection of impact, sustainability and resilience. On the creative side, Corey has completed projects using film, photography, writing, code, live experience, presentation, and printed collateral.

Khurram Shehzad

Prateeksha Singh

Amy Stevens

Lisette Useche