SFI Students

First Year Students


Michael Berman

Hala Bisheh

Hala is a global citizen with a background in service design, branding and reputation management. Hala traveled and worked extensively with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Hyatt International to support the opening of new and established hotels in Jordan, Qatar and Toronto. Hala holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business with a focus on Leadership and Management. Hala is also a Certified Professional Coaching Coach with a focus on transformation and building resilience. Over the years she has applied her skill sets in a multitude of settings such as collaborating on an eight month strategic assessment of a non profit theater group in Toronto, creating a Graduate Insights Report for an affiliate of Engineers Without Borders (Admitting Failure: Insights Report at the Intersection of Innovation, Creativity, Change Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior), and tapping into funding opportunities for the first "Fail Forward Conference" at MaRS Discovery District. She is interested in topics related to the managing of team dynamics and what motivates and drives us. Hala explored non traditional forms of leadership in Bedouin tribes and rural villages in the Middle East and got to witness firsthand how small changes can create a lasting impact.

Kennedy Chiejina

Natale Dankotuwage

Natale Dankotuwage was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Graduating from the University of Toronto in Political Science, with a focus on Post-Colonial History. Over the past few years she has been exploring the development of sustainable inclusive third spaces. She has worked closely with founding members of organizations developing co-collaborative and co-creative spaces across the world. From Roots Hyderabad (recognized by The Hindu) to Free Space (recognized by the White House Champions for Change). As a 2013 Asia Foundation Fellow she worked with Sri Lanka Unites developing a Reconciliation Center (Funded by British High Commission). And as an IDEX Accelerator Fellow has worked at BHive Workspace (recognized by the Economic Times) as a Community Manager. All of these spaces are open access, equitable commoning of resources and ideas to foster innovative economic, social and political shifts within their localities. They are projects that aspire to be a safe, productive space where people can pool resources towards collective use and stewardship for the greater community.

Janice De Jong

With a background in Industrial Design and Psychology, Janice de Jong is a trend forecaster and design strategist based in Kitchener, Ontario. Driven by the belief that understanding today can build a better tomorrow, she is passionate about inspiring others to create the future. By day Janice works in the high tech field, but by night she is an avid knitter, gardener, cook and wannabe yogi. She dreams of owning an alpaca farm.

Komal Faiz

Cofounder of Design Pakistan and working as the CEO. Komal is a communication designer (from National College of Arts), a social designer, a design thinker, a global Shaper, a humanist and an activist. Trying to build bridges between design, empathy and her socially responsible inclination, she's been involved in various initiatives from a very early age and has a passion to make this world a better place.

David Fascinato

Graciela Guadarrama Baena

Graciela (Grace) Buena is a Mexican industrial designer who enjoys challenges and is willing to take risks. She is a down-to-Earth idealist and a strong believer that things can be different if we work as a team. She is a fast learner, a great problem solver, and she's versatile – but she keeps her own style. She's passionate about contrast, colors, textures, and her interests include social innovation, design thinking, high tech, biomedics and medical design, and product design. Her favourite colour is green.

Manpreet Juneja

Oktay Kesebi

Donna Klaiman

Jade Lee Hoy

Andrew Luba

Andrew's life goal is to make people happy. He thinks most people are happy when nobody takes advantage of them, they can trust their community, others in society respect them, and they have some feeling of equality with the people around them – essentially, when they have real opportunity to live a fulfilling life. Yet, many current systems in his society bar people from happiness. Andrew wants to, and believes we can, design better systems that create a better society: one where more people find happiness. He first explored this goal at Quest University Canada, where he studied the question, “how does understanding human behaviour lead to socially innovative policy?”. Andrew’s excited to once again join curious people in a curious community, with whom he can collaborate and question.

Robyn McCallum

Robyn is the Associate Art Curator at TD Bank Group, where she provides ongoing management for the bank’s corporate art collection of approximately 10,000 pieces. Previous to that, she worked at the Art Gallery of Ontario and spent time producing a variety of independent curatorial projects throughout the city of Toronto. Robyn is a member of the board of directors for Images Festival, the largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture, as well as serving on the advisory committee for Art Metropole, an artist run centre that publishes, promotes, exhibits, archives and distributes artists' publications and other materials. She was the co-chair of the Canadian Art Foundation’s Gallery Hop Curatorial Committee from 2013 - 2015 and recently joined the Advisory Council for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts for the 2015-2016 academic year. In 2013, Robyn was included in Blouin ArtInfo’s list of Top 30 Under 30 Art Professionals in Canada. Robyn holds a BFA from Ryerson University.

Ryan Murphy

Ryan J. A. Murphy is not the creator of Glee, but is instead a recent graduate of Memorial University, where he completed a degree in Psychology & Computer Science (Software Engineering). He is obsessed with psychology, technology, design, and the application of those disciplines to both education and leadership. Ryan is proud of his work in leadership development, non-profit governance, youth engagement, and communications. On the side, he is a graphic designer, writer, photographer, and musician—but who isn’t, these days? You can find Ryan on the web at nervouslightning.com.

Roxi Nicolussi

Vanessa Rementilla

Vanessa is a senior creative director and strategist in the field of digital marketing. She is a key advisor to entrepreneurs and corporations seeking to create or enhance their digital experiences that drive business growth. Grounded in deep research and data analytics, she applies user-centric methods to diverse digital marketing solutions in the areas of customer lifecycle management, 1:1 marketing, web, email, social media, and mobile design. Her experience spans a wide range of verticals with clients such as JP Morgan, Air Canada and Swiss Chalet. Previously she has worked with Blast Radius (WPP Group), Thindata, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Combining her digital media expertise and a passion for nurturing children's’ creativity she founded Gallery of Good, an organization that champions creativity through the visual arts, An optimist about what the future holds for kids and creativity, she hopes to innovate this platform.

Anna Ribeiro Da Luz Colagrossi

Aday Sami-Orungbe

Jyotish Sonowal

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor started his design journey in Jewellery. He is formally trained as a Goldsmith, and model maker. After graduation and a traditional (German) apprenticeship he was inspired to build much more than a jewelry studio practice. Since 2007, he has specialized in ethical policy development, sourcing protocols, and systems for supporting transparency in jewelry supply chains. Fair Trade Jewellery Co. (FTJCo.com) is the result. It is a multi-certified BCorporation that has set the benchmark for ethics in the jewelry industry. FTJCo specializes in the manufacturing of made to measure and custom designed jewellery produced with materials that address both the positive and negative impact on social systems and the environment. Fairsources (a div. of FTJCo) helps support designers and companies across North America, who shares our commitment to responsible businesses practices. At Normative, he has a home to explore his passion for technology. His practice focuses on transdisciplinary design, systems thinking, and ethics.

Raul Valenzuela

Jenny Whyte


Dee Brooks

Tyler Calder

Annie Constantinescu

Courtney Cooper

Amy Davies

Donna Dupont

Sunita Ferrao

Vincent Galante

Vincent is co-founder and principal at The Pixel Shop, a Toronto-based digital agency. As an experienced and cross-functional strategist, information architect, and designer, he has played a prominent role in the creation of online properties, applications, and campaigns for some of Canada’s most recognized brands across a wide range of sectors. He holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts (Visual Art) from York University, is a member of The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD), and represents RGD as a board member on the Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC), a cross-disciplinary design think tank. Vincent has a strong interest in working within multi-disciplinary teams to explore the human dimensions of the future internet, and in better understanding the structural and cultural aspects of innovation mandates and change management.

Lisa Hart

Ziyan Hossain

Michael Keoshkerian

Having grown up with an extended family that constantly seeks to bend the rules, Michael turned out exactly the opposite. This has led to a fascination of societal and ethical structures, and how rapidly changing information designs may further change how we live. Michael is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History, Political Science, and Classical Civilizations, he worked in policy and information management for the Ontario Government for over 5 years with various ministries and agencies. Currently, he is the Projects Manager of the Privacy and Big Data Institute at Ryerson University. A fan of science fiction and technology, his favourite pastime is reading a good old-fashioned book.

Ali Khan

'Ali has had a rich career working at senior levels with Pepsi Cola International, British American Tobacco, Reckitt Benckiser and Iffco. After getting his MBA, Ali's career path started as a functional expert in Sales and Marketing, while his last two assignments, spanning twelve years, were as General Manager. He has international experience, having worked in South and East Asia, as well as the Middle East and Africa. Ali's track record demonstrates that has been involved in several corporate turnaround stories. Ali, his wife Ayesha, and daughters Mariam and Alina, have recently moved to Canada, and really look forward to joining the OCAD community.'

Nicole Knibb

Calla Lee

Christine McGlade

Christine McGlade is the Founder and Senior Partner at Analytical Engine Interactive, a user experience design and content strategy consultancy. She has been a usability practitioner, content strategist, and website manager for over 15 years. As the Director of Interactive at TVO from 2005-2012, she was responsible for the management of tvo.org and the development and launch of tvoparents.com, a digital content marketing channel. She was executive in charge of production on more than a dozen transmedia projects, and commissioned serious games such as “Persuasion”, a negotiation game, “Honoured Citizen”, a Facebook election game, as well as a handful of apps and digital documentaries. From 2012 – 2014, she taught New media Communications in the joint UTSC/Centennial College New Media Program. She received her AOCA in Photo Electric Arts in 1991, a certification in Internet Business and Technology from the University of Toronto in 2005, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media from OCAD University in 2010. The thesis she submitted in her fourth year at OCADU’s BFA in Integrated Media proposed that the Internet is a life form. Her course of study during this MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation will expand and refactor this investigation with a focus on impacts that the networking of humans and smart machines has had on business, education and government. Her thesis will answer the questions: Can we effectively leverage ideas like gamification, persuasive design, and ethical data gathering for the public good? What are the new models for education and government that align with the Pull model of knowledge and data sharing? What are the possible outcomes of various strategies and models?

Kelly Payne

Nenad Rava

Sanam Samanianpour

Sanam Samanian is a Toronto-based writer, curator and strategist, focusing on the promotion and curation of art, architecture and design content. Infinitely curious about humanity's impact, she has been academically trained in the field of architecture—with a strong interest in research, exhibition design, conceptual installations and contemporary art. Over the years, she has divided her time between executing independent projects and leading the Business Development, Marketing Communications efforts of Canadian firms such as Sweeny&Co, HPA, PARTISANS and DIALOG. Sanam has been the appointed Executive Director for the fourth installment of the city-wide Toronto Design Offsite Festival in 2014. She cites "Intermission" at MacLaren Art Centre (2011), "Soft Souls" at Walnut Contemporary (2015) and Transmutation at Governors Island Art Fair in New York (2015) to be her most important curation work to-date. Sanam's independent contributions to international journals are published in Canadian Architect, ArchDaily and Spacing Magazine.

Melissa Tullio

Maheen Zaidi

Second Year Students


Ahmed Alazem

Eman El-Fayomi

Margaret Greyson

Maggie has a BFA in Design for the Theatre from Concordia University in 2000. Maggie transitioned from low-tech storytelling to high-tech storytelling as a resident at the Canadian Film Centre and the Banff New Media Lab. In her corporate work, Maggie is credited with several speaking opportunities, creativetitles and awards for interactive content marketing projects for Rogers, Nissan, GE and Shell. Awards include “Best of Show at the Media Innovation Award 2012.” She teaches Interactive Narrative at Centennial College.

Nourhan Hegazy

Monirul Kabir

Jennifer McDougall

Angith Mohanarajan

Christina Muia

Christina Muia is a University of Guelph graduate in Agricultural Economics and Environmental Studies. She is an Environmental consultant who has worked locally and internationally on various projects related to renewable energy, climate change, sustainable agriculture and source water protection. Christina has also been a serial volunteer for over 10 years. She has volunteered with organizations such as Amnesty International, Paradigm Shift Project, Project Serve Guelph and Climate Sake. Christina has worked with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in Rome. Here, she provided climate change and bioenergy support in African and South-East Asian countries. She also worked in the Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics department at the University of Guelph and with two teams championing innovation at the Ontario Ministry of Environment. An economist, part scientist and part artist, Christina is interested in how ideas and innovation in social businesses tap into human potential to create self-sustaining communities and solve the world’s most prevalent problem: poverty.

Mithula Naik

Caralyn Quan

Ian Reid

Patrick Robinson

Lindsay Roxon

Lindsay Roxon is a student in the Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University in Toronto, where she focuses on system and service design for health care innovation. After working in the advertising and design industry for 5 years, Lindsay developed a love and understanding of the power of design to bring about change. With her background in Political Science (BA, Dalhousie), and Global Affairs (Graduate Certificate, NYU), she hopes to use design thinking and foresight to make the world a more user-friendly.

Dione Scott

Smriti Shakdher

Smriti has worked with leading Advertising and Design consultants in India, Singapore, Japan and Canada. With an experience spanning eight years, she has handled comprehensive design, branding and communication campaigns for clients in Telecommunication, Education, Finance, Hospitality, Information Technology, Healthcare, Automotive, Aviation, Real Estate, Engineering, Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Brands sector.

Michael Stulberg

Jacqueline To

George Wang

Having earned an degree in Mechatronics Engineering, co-founded a software startup, and enrolled in the SFI program, George can be best described as an integrative thinker whose unique combination of creativity, empathy and analytical rigor fuels a passion for transforming business through design. George aspires towards becoming an innovation consultant who helps organizations create meaningful experiences for people while unlocking new business value.


Nadia Berger

Nadia has a diverse background in community work and healthcare. Her belief that an empathetic understanding of on-the-ground realities is integral to successful change and this belief is one that she carries with her throughout her experiences. In 2012, Nadia co-founded Fair Trade Toronto, a non-profit that achieved Toronto’s designation as the largest Fair Trade City in North America. After three years in the Executive Director role, Nadia has a new focus building her leadership skills as a Fellow of the DiverseCity program with CivicAction, for 2014/15.

Lionel Gadoury

Cheryl Hsu

Cheryl Hsu is a design strategist, artist, and co-founding director of Madeleine Co., a Toronto-based art collective and creative agency specializing in the creation of socially innovative content. Her research interests lie in the intersection between creative practice, foresight, and innovation, and the potential for art to challenge assumptions and trigger critical reflection and action.

Tom Kasanda

Mr. Kasanda is an Industrial Designer and Project Manager at the Ontario Science Centre. For the past 27 years, he has been involved in the planning, design and development of science centres, exhibits and travelling exhibitions. Prior to joining the Ontario Science Centre, he was a senior associate in a leading Industrial Design firm. He holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton University and is currently pursing a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCADU. As one of the Centre’s senior consultants, Tom has had the opportunity to visit over 100 science museums on 5 continents and gain broad knowledge of the trends and innovations within the science centre industry. His technical knowledge relates to hundreds of exhibits with expertise in numerous interactive techniques and manufacturing methods. Mr. Kasanda has presented on travelling exhibitions and exhibition design at ASTC on several occasions and has enjoyed sessional lecturing at Carleton University. Recently he represented the OSC at an international seminar on Exhibition Design hosted by the Beijing Science Centre, presenting on Creating Visitor Experiences, The Exhibition Development Process and Design Criteria and Guidelines for Interactive Exhibits. Tom uses design tools, methodologies and user-centered thinking in leading multi-disciplinary teams in the development of museum projects for a global market.

Eugene Kim

Glen Lombard

Sean Molloy

Sean Molloy is currently the Director of Quality, Safety and Enterprise Risk at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto. Sean has extensive experience in quality improvement and patient safety in health care and holds a Master of Health Administration rom the University of Toronto’s Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation (MHSc). Sean has a research interest of integrating principles of design into quality improvement and patient safety in health care.

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris is a consultant focused on helping organizations develop human-centred innovation strategies for growth and resilience. He has worked on design and innovation projects for leading global organizations in financial services, manufacturing, health care, transportation, public services, and media. Prior to consulting, Kevin managed special projects for a US-based multinational manufacturer, working on growth initiatives in North America, Central America, Asia, and Europe. Kevin's work, including his use of photographic storytelling to build immersive experiences exploring the intersection of design, architecture, public space, economics, and innovation, have been featured in Azure, Dwell, Fast Company, The Globe and Mail, and the 2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture. In 2015, Kevin was part of an OCAD SFI team which advanced to the Shanghai regional finals of the Hult Prize, Bill Clinton's annual startup accelerator for entrepreneurs focused on pressing social issues.

Rachel Noonan

Rachel has over 12 years of experience in strategy development and integrated brand marketing in the entertainment, lifestyle and media industries. She’s brought a wealth of experience to brands she has worked with; having led campaigns for clients such as The Canadian Film Centre, Alliance Films, Samsung, Microsoft and Rdio. Rachel has worked to become a thought leader at the intersection of technology and entertainment, constantly moving forward and is currently an Associate Creative Director at Mosaic and doing a Masters of Design in Strategy and Innovation at Ontario College of Art and Design.

Corey Norman

Corey is an experienced innovation and design professional who works directly with complex networks of stakeholders in the discovery, design and development of organizational strategies, user-centered processes, and innovative products, primarily in the social sector. Corey has particular interest in helping companies by designing at the intersection of impact, sustainability and resilience. On the creative side, Corey has completed projects using film, photography, writing, code, live experience, presentation, and printed collateral. 

Adrienne Pacini

Adrienne is a housing development consultant and market researcher. She is currently working at SHS Consulting, where she is involved in all aspects of the firm’s work, including: research and analysis on healthy communities, older adults and seniors, and housing markets, policy development and strategic planning, community engagement, and program design, mainly for non-profit housing providers, municipalities, and health care providers. Adrienne also spends her time working on impactful real estate development initiatives within the Applied Innovation practice at Purpose Capital, an impact investing advisory firm. Adrienne completed a Bachelor of Arts at McGill University in Urban Systems, with minors in Economics, Field Studies, and French Language and Literature. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University on a part-time basis.

Kimberley Peter

Kimberley is an experience designer, researcher and strategist at IBM. She has a deep interest in helping teams clarify their strategy and intent using methods to understand where they are going, how they can get there and how they can adapt to change along the way. She helps organizations work effectively across disciplines and geographies to create thoughtfully designed products and services.

Lorraine Randell

Michael Schaus

Marta Scythes

Marta is a medical illustrator, fine artist and educator. She has taught at St. Lawrence College, Southampton Art School, PEI School of Art, Queen's University and the Haliburton School of The Arts, Fleming College for several years. McClelland and Stewart published her pencil and ink illustrations in their best-selling UP NORTH nature series as well as in The Canadian Encyclopedia.. Marta has created and produced two scientific animations on Type 1 Diabetes for The Hospital for Sick Children

Khurram Shehzad

Prateeksha Singh

Julie Sommerfreund

Amy Stevens

Lisette Useche

Sanaz Vazirian

Sanaz Vazirian is a Retail Designer/Strategist who joined the SFI program hoping to tackle new problems that extend beyond the physical store environment and into the lives of the people they serve. She is interested in studying the interaction between people and space to understand how people use the space and how it can be improved

Ryan Voisin

Continuing Students

Ian Gray

Ian is involved in contemporary environmental design, primarily at the scale of cities and urban sites. He is a senior landscape architect and project manager at MMM Group Ltd where his current work includes the design and implementation of urban and landscape media in Canada and the Middle East. He is the recipient of a Toronto Urban Design Award of Excellence and has collaborated with a diverse range of internationally recognized creative talent including multi-media artists, composers and authors in urban works. A past president of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, he has also been a sessional instructor at OCAD U over the past few years. On weekends he looks forward to tossing his 14’ Kevlar kayak onto the roof racks and heading to Lake Ontario to bust a gut and then mend with a bottle of Shiraz, wedge of Spanish Manchega and some Bill Evans, Astor Piazzola or Phillip Glass.

Medina Abdelkader

Recently graduated from McMaster University, with a double major in Political Science and Communication Studies, Medina is focused on cultural, environmental and womens’ issues. She takes special interest in identity and branding, data visualization and information architecture. After spending two years as a Senior Editor at her campus newspaper, she moved on to work in the Public Relations department at the McMaster Students Union, shifting towards design and overall communications strategy. She also began picking up freelance graphic design gigs, internships and volunteer work to subsequent her formal education. She was the curator for the inaugural TEDxMcMasterU event entitled The more we learn, the less we know and is passionate about ideas. A writer and bona fide tea snob who will happily disagree with you in the interest of good conversation.

Ana Matic

Ian Moss

Monica Porteanu

Monica is a management consultant delivering qualitative scenarios and analytics models that support strategic decision making. A mathematician and business thinker by education, strategist by trade, technologist by chance, and humanist by inclination, Monica has always been fascinated by how humanity evolves in times of change. To improve her ability to influence positive change, she has immersed herself into learning and applying design thinking concepts to her work in the financial services industry as well as the not-for-profit sector. She is interested in enhancing her past experience with the coming education from the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program to advance her strategic thinking and ability to anticipate shifts and model their potential evolution based on foresight strategy, behavioural economics, and predictive analytics. Monica has an MBA from Cornell and Queen's, is a Certified Management Consultant, and holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Bucharest, Romania. In her free time, Monica enjoys staying in touch and spending time with her grown daughter, expanding her yoga abilities, exploring mountains and doing nothing.

Jen Recknagel

For the past several years, Jen has been working as a documentary producer in Toronto. She’s worked on projects about fanboy culture, outsider art and the current state of the feminist movement, as well as one that took her around the globe investigating the world after dark. Recognizing that the broadcast industry is undergoing a massive shift, Jen is interested in exploring the role of storytelling on new communication platforms. She is also interested in studying innovation in leadership and management, hoping to gain insight into how to maximize creative and intellectual potential. Jen holds a BFA in New Media Arts from Ryerson University and is enthusiastic about cross-disciplinary approaches to problem solving.

Petri Tanninen

Petri is a design strategist, futurist, sense-maker and systems thinker at the intersection of physical, digital, and human experiences, distilling the complex into clarity and simplicity. With over a decade of global experience in the financial, government, hospitality, and retail sectors, Petri is a principal of Sensory, a firm focused on solving complex problems through design thinking for multinationals and governments.

Jennifer Chan

Jennifer is a facilitator, designer and provocateur. As the Founder and Partner of Exhibit Change, Jenn spends her time working and learning at the intersection of design thinking, education, community engagement and city-building. Currently working at curating creative education communities, building capacity for knowledge mobilization and being a sponge for process design and behaviour change.

Melissa Daly-Buajitti

Melissa received her Bachelor’s degree in English and Humanities. Her current research focuses on identity, relationships, and community-formation within social media. Specific interest is paid to the dynamic between interface functions and usership behaviours. From this vantage point, her major research project will explore the present landscape and possible futures of online dating.  

Jon Hoss

Jon is an interdisciplinary practitioner interested in how technology and art change the way we see and live our lives. Currently working with management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, he researches and develops technologies that help people learn, share knowledge, and change their habits. As a McKinsey consultant, he has worked with large organizations on marketing, product development, and corporate strategy topics – from redesigning retail stores to building new service lines. Previously, he held technical, marketing, and advisory roles at various software companies, from small start-ups to IBM. Jon is also active in Toronto’s arts community. He has directed and produced plays throughout the city, and advises amateur and professional theatre companies on creative and business issues. In his spare time, Jon pursues too many hobbies: He’s a published astronomer, an avid classic film buff, an aspiring installation artist, and a mediocre pastry chef. Jon studied engineering science and physics at the University of Toronto.

Goran Matic

Mary Myers

Meghan Savigny

As a freelance art director, Meghan has worked with many of Canada's top advertising and design agencies in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax. She's received recognition from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada and the London International Advertising Awards. Meghan serves as a creative advisor for non-profit projects geared towards civic engagement and social justice.

Broc Cairns

Broc is a young Landscape Architect from Vancouver, BC. He believes the surreal natural setting that British Columbia can provide allows for a breadth of inspiration for natural design. Over the past decade the profession of landscape architecture has greatly increased in both demand and required knowledge. From Project Management and coordination to LEED design, the profession is only beginning to demand more. Following the completion of Broc's BLA and time practicing as a designer, he felt that a positive next step would be to strengthen his knowledge of business and its relation to design. With a better knowledge of both fiscal and development principles — and the potential to diversify and innovation my production — he plans to expand his opportunities as a Landscape Architect and continue onto completing the LARE’s and ultimately, contribute within a firm where such knowledge is valued.

Iyiope Jibodu

I co-founded Breklinge Corp in 2009 to provide management consultancy services in the area of strategic communication, publishing, and marketing to SMEs, educational institutions, non-profits and government offices. I currently manage the operations at the HD Printing Press division, which specializes in print media and applications of proprietary web-to-print technologies.  My favorite maxim is “potential nurtured is hope attained.” I have many passions, which are all driven by a will to bring positive change and impact. As a keen observer, willing collaborator, optimistic problem solver and willing risk taker, I seek knowledge and opportunities to make a difference.

Ron Memmel

Raja Mukerjea

Raja is a successful marketing communications ideator with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has a track record of exploring new ideas and implementing them. He's worked in advertising agencies like BBDO and Publicis in account management and account planning. He also managed several global and national brands and developed numerous strategies and ideas. He recently joined a major player in the private education industry in India to lead the marketing communications division where he gained hands-on experience of the interplay between marketing communications and sales and leveraged the power of the internet.

To dig deeper into the digital space Raja ventured to start a company in a niche area of virtual events. Within two years his company signed three large clients, including a Fortune 500 client. Raja is working to leverage his experience and hone his skills to take on more challenging assignments.

Carolina Quiros

Carolina Quirós, originally from Costa Rica, studied Design and Management in Parsons in New York City. Here, she began exploring how human beings can learn to live more creative and positive lives. Her passion for people, design, adventure and collaboration has led her to travel the world to learn, interact and volunteer in countries such as Italy, France, Madagascar, India and Japan.  Over the last few years she has specialized in the development of projects that explore the power of joint ventures for the betterment of society. Her interests have now led her to Canada were she wishes to continue exploring and developing new ways to use design to conciliate the worlds of business, creativity, and positive social change. An important part of her research will focus on how the collaborative process will fulfill the needs and desires of the individuals as well as the collective

Catherine Clarke

Cathy is the Director of HR Planning and Strategy at the University Health Network.

Aurelia Dalinda

Aurelia is a Project Manager at Evergreen, where she has led the development of thought-leadership events, strategic projects, new ventures and programs. Her latest projects include 100 in 1 Day Toronto, MOVE: The Transportation Expo, and Brick Works Forum. Prior to Evergreen, she worked Zig, a top advertising agency.

Margaret Dempster

Brian Glancy

Grew up in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Toronto in April 2010. After graduating from Dublin City University with an Honors Degree in Mechatronic engineering, he spent a short stint brewing beer for Ireland’s largest craft brewery before taking on an Engineering and New Product Management role with Kingspan. During this time he designed, installed and project managed multimillion-dollar production lines at multiple locations across Europe. More recently he became Research and Development Manager for Kingspan North America, where he applied his creativity and design thinking to develop award-winning products for the construction industry. His designs enhanced speed of build, insulation values, recyclability and environmental sustainability for the industry. These products are key features in Kingspan’s strategic growth. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, live music and travelling.

Shawn Hewitt

Conor Holler

Conor is a digital media producer with a passion for storytelling, business and technology. Currently, Conor works with industry leader Xenophile Media. With Xenophile, he has developed, financed and managed media properties for a range of broadcasters, publishers and distributors.Conor is also an accomplished improvisor. He has performed at numerous international festivals, including the Vancouver International Improv Festival, Big City Improv Festival in Toronto and the Del Close Marathon in New York, among many others. At home in Toronto, Conor performs regularly with Bad Dog Theatre and at various other comedy events around the city. Conor holds a degree in English Literature from the University of British Columbia, and in 2010 he completed a residency at the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab. He can be reached on Twitter @conorholler.

Pansy Lee

Pansy’s natural curiosity has led to some pretty diverse passions. Photography, complex spreadsheets, restoring furniture, tinkering with computers and mobile devices, bicycling, disassembling things (and sometimes successfully putting it back together), and the list goes on. Above all though, she loves problem solving and you can often hear the wheels in her head turn as she encounters a challenge. As a person who always strives to leave something better than she found it, Pansy gives her all (and more) to whatever she works on. Pansy completed a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Marketing from University of Toronto and over the past 10 years, Pansy has held marketing and sales roles at Tucows, Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte and is currently at RL Solutions, a patient safety software company.

Danial Malik

Cheryl May

Laura Mills

Doug Moxon

Doug is passionate about building strong brands that create meaningful and sustainable connections with customers. He does so by combining integrative marketing strategy with empathic and creative insights to create memorable customer/human centric experiences. Doug knows more than a little bit about brands and has worked with hi-tech to no-tech businesses across B2C and B2B spectra.

Sheldon Pereira

With a reputation for authentic interpersonal relationships and refined communication style, Sheldon Pereira is a truly integrative thinker with a unique combination of cogent experience and eclectic skill-sets . His repertoire and professional standing are representative of a practitioner that is highly self-actualized, and one that has a demonstrated capacity to lead and strategize in Higher Education. He enjoys working in strategy-oriented roles, across a variety of contexts; and in an environment that values relationships, represents excellence in practice, encourages forward-thinking and respects servant leadership. He is currently working as the Manager of Residence Life at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Student Affairs

Heather Russek

Heather joined St. Joseph’s Health Centre Centre in January 2014 as the new Director of Corporate Strategy and Strategic Initiatives. She is focused on making improvements to the health care system with over nine years’ experience in project management, strategy development and communications. She has held positions at Cancer Care Ontario, OntarioMD and Courtyard Group.

Frank Sedghipour

For the past eight years, Frank has been able to stretch his analytical skills with the government, universities and the private sector. His natural curiosity has led him to explore his passions in diverse areas -- meditation, methodology research, teaching and writing, and running teams that deliver analytical and creative solutions.

Kirk Serjeantson

Kirk started his career in transportation at Loomis Courier Service. Working in technology, Kirk led the first national deployment of in-motion devices in Canada. After six years Kirk was recruited away from Loomis to Purolator where he surpassed his previous results increasing Purolator revenue recovery from $52M to an all-time high of $125M.

Leah Shelly

Simon Trevarthen

Simon Trevarthen is the Director of the Ministry Project Management & Process Improvement Office with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long‐Term Care where he leads strategic transformation projects for the ministry and healthcare sector. His mandate is to seek, solve and execute horizontal business improvements to bend the $45 billion healthcare “cost curve”, improve organizational effectiveness and delivery on public policy objectives.
Simon Trevarthen is an experienced facilitator having led over 150 governance, innovation and non‐for‐profit board strategy sessions. Using a highly interactive and engaging style, he pushes teams to find fresh approaches to solve their unique challenges. He also teaches change management, innovation and presentation excellence across the Ontario Government. Simon has worked as a Government Reform consultant for the World Bank and CIDA across the Middle East. Working with the Jordanian Ministry of Education he developed the mandate, governance structure and policy development for a Strategic Policy and Planning Secretariat. Prior to coming to Canada, Simon worked both as a journalist and as a humanitarian aid agency spokesperson in the Middle East and the Balkans.

Steven Truong

Steve spent his undergrad studying Computer Science and Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. This included co-op terms at various tech companies, from a small startup in Toronto, to Microsoft in Seattle, and eventually Google in Montreal, where he joined full-time as a Software Engineer. At Google, he contributed to Chrome’s user interface and sync features, and later founded and lead development on Chrome’s A/B testing framework, which revolutionized how the world’s most popular browser is being developed. Thirsty for more design-oriented work, he invented the role of Software Designer, which he now fills on the Chrome OS team, working at the intersection of software engineering and UX design. In his 20% time, Steve helps college students find jobs, builds relationships with external developers, and mentors local startups. Steve loves travelling, eating, and looking at cool things - preferably all three at the same time.



Full members may: Act as Principal Advisor of master's thesis or Major Research Paper/Project (MRP), and as a member of thesis or MRP committees. Academic Policy #6002 - Graduate Faculty

Jeremy Bowes, Architecture, Systems
Stuart Candy (On Leave), Strategic Foresight, Experiential Futures, Design Fiction
Ian Clarke, Science (Biology and Chemistry), Biomimicry Design
Maya Desai
Patricio Davila, Graphic Design, Interactive and Locative Media, Data Visualization
Nabil Harfoush, Information Networks, Business Models, Strategy
Bruce Hinds , Environmental Design/Architecture
Peter Jones, Social and Design Research, Services/Systems Design for Healthcare, Social Systems Design
Sandra Kedey, Strategy and Brand Building, Creative Direction/Convergent Communications, Art Direction/Integrated Design
Helen Kerr, Research, Strategy, Product Innovation
Jana Macalik, Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Design Research
Alexander Manu, Industrial Design, Strategic Innovation, Design Research
Lenore Richards, Environmental Design, Industrial Design
Ala Roushan
Kate Sellen, Design for Healthcare, Interaction Design, Design Research
Suzanne Stein, Foresight Analysis, Ethnography
Sarah Tranum
Stephen Tulk, Community Health, Medical Illustration, Anatomy
Greg Van Alstyne, Communications, Strategy, Foresight, Design Thinking, Media

Alia Weston, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise and Informal Economy, African and Latin American Management Practices


Associate Members may: act as a member of thesis or MRP committees, but shall not serve as a Principal Advisor or chair a final oral examination committee.
Stephen Davies
Ryan Hum


Robert Logan

2016-17 Strategic Foresight and Innovation Graduate Program Committee

Jeremy Bowes
Stephen Davies
Nabil Harfoush
Peter Jones
Helen Kerr
Michele Mastroeni
Lenore Richards
Kate Sellen
Greg VanAlstyne
Alia Weston