SFI Faculty


Full members may: Act as Principal Advisor of master's thesis or Major Research Paper/Project (MRP), and as a member of thesis or MRP committees. Academic Policy #6002 - Graduate Faculty

Jeremy Bowes, Architecture, Systems

Ian Clarke, Science (Biology and Chemistry), Biomimicry Design, Urban Ecology, Printmaking/Photography

Maya Desai, Technology in Urban Design and Planning, Health, Culture and Human-Environment, Urban and Ecological Design

Patricio Davila, Graphic Design, Interactive and Locative Media, Data Visualization

Nabil Harfoush, Information Networks, Business Models, Strategy

Bruce Hinds, Environmental Design/Architecture

Peter Jones, Social and Design Research, Services/Systems Design for Healthcare, Social Systems Design

Sandra Kedey, Strategy and Brand Building, Creative Direction/Convergent Communications, Art Direction/Integrated Design

Helen Kerr, Research, Strategy, Product Innovation

Jana Macalik, Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Design Research

Alexander Manu, Industrial Design, Strategic Innovation, Design Research

Michele Mastroeni, Innovation Systems, Innovation Policy, Science and Technology Policy, Regional Economic Development

Ala Roushan, Faculty of Design

Kate Sellen, Design for Healthcare, Interaction Design, Design Research

Suzanne Stein, Foresight Analysis, Ethnography

Sarah Tranum, Strategic Design, Social Innovation Design, Social Entrepreneurship

Stephen Tulk, Community Health, Medical Illustration, Anatomy

Greg Van Alstyne, Communications, Strategy, Foresight, Design Thinking, Media

Alia Weston, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise and Informal Economy, African and Latin American Management Practices


Associate Members may: act as a member of thesis or MRP committees, but shall not serve as a Principal Advisor or chair a final oral examination committee.

Stephen Davies

Ryan Hum


Robert Logan

2017-18 Strategic Foresight and Innovation Graduate Program Committee

Jeremy Bowes
Stephen Davies
Nabil Harfoush
Peter Jones
Helen Kerr
Michele Mastroeni (Chair, Graduate Program Director)
Kate Sellen
Greg VanAlstyne
Alia Weston