Lady Gaga and the Other: Persona, Art and Monstrosity
Adrianna DiLonardo

Lady Gaga’s rise to stardom in 2008 surprised many individuals who foresaw the quick demise of the singer-songwriter's career due to her controversial lyrics, performances, and fashion attire. Known for her shock value aesthetic, Gaga’s approach to fame included explicit female sexuality, a chameleon persona, and an effervescent embracement of one’s Otherness. This MRP explores how Lady Gaga has manufactured her success. By adopting the traits of a performance artist and appropriating key strategies from art history, she reflects the work and personae of several modern and postmodern artists, including Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp and Salvador Dali. Through spectacle, fame, and performance, she embodies the postmodern Other and lobbies for a new generation of post-gendered individuals, free from discrimination and disenfranchisement.

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