CADN encourages students to create and follow their own research interests. By providing fundamental skills applicable to a wide range of topics in art, design and new media, students are empowered to investigate what they find most compelling. The MRPs and theses written by students in CADN primarily focus on contemporary issues and emerging phenomena, yet there is often an acknowledgement of history as a way to contextualize the current moment. The abstracts below give a sense of the diversity of possibilities previous students have engaged with during their study in CADN -- from art, popular culture, and digital technology to philosophy, activism and institutional critique. Conventional artistic media like sculpture, installation and performance can be the focus of research, but so too can comics, video games, and synaesthesia. Each year, CADN honours student excellence with awards for Outstanding Writing and Academic Merit.

Program Theses and Major Research Papers are archived in OCAD U.’s OpenResearch Repository. Follow the link here to access full-text copies of most Thesis and MRPs to date:

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