Registration in Undergraduate Courses

Special Studies

Auditing Courses

Ontario Visiting Graduate Student (OVGS) Plan

Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement (CUGTA)


If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 416-977-6000, Ext. 235, or by email at

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With the appropriate approvals, graduate students may take a 300 or 400-level course as an elective for their program. To take an undergraduate course as an elective, graduate students must work with the instructor to establish an augmented program of study to bring the course up to the graduate level. This may include supplementary readings and/or a more extensive paper or project. 

Prior to registering in an undergraduate course, students must obtain approval of the following, in the order given:
1. The course instructor
2. The instructor’s Associate Dean (or designate)
3. The student’s Graduate Program Director

The completed form must then be submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the end of the first week of classes.

The Office of the Registrar will inform students if they are accepted into the class, and will manually register graduate students in undergraduate electives.

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Special Studies courses (Independent Study, Internships and Residencies) offer graduate students the opportunity to earn credits outside of the scheduled curriculum.

I) Independent Study 

Independent Study courses provide graduate students with the opportunity to undertake studies of significance to their educational objectives, where otherwise not available through the regular university curriculum. Independent studies are supervised and evaluated by OCAD U faculty members.

To apply for an Independent Study, graduate students must complete the Independent Study Application Form.

II) Internship

Internships provide graduate students with opportunities to gain experience in the professional worlds of art, design, criticism and curating that will complement their studies. On-site work is performed under the guidance of the internship sponsor and the internship credit is supervised and evaluated by an OCAD U faculty member.

To apply for an Internship, graduate students must complete the Internship Application Form.

III) Residency

Students may apply for approved residencies, or may submit a Residency Application Form for approval by their Graduate Program Committee.

See the complete Special Studies Policy for more information.

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As per Academic Council Policy #2002:

  • To audit a course is to attend classes without working for or receiving academic credit. Audit students are not required to complete course assignments, take examinations or attend tutorials and do not receive an evaluation, critique or grade. Audit students may, with the approval of the instructor, participate in class discussions.
  • Not all courses may be audited. Audit courses do not count towards full-time status, graduation requirements or eligibility for any financial aid.
  • An audited course will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript with a notation indicating whether or not the student attended classes.
  • An audited course may not subsequently be claimed for credit. Students registered in a course for credit may not subsequently request a change to audit status.

Graduate students may audit any course provided the required permissions have been granted. By mutual agreement with the course instructor, graduate students may participate in class discussions and engage in class activities.

Graduate students must present a Request for Permission to Audit Form to the course instructor at the first or second class for approval. If the instructor approves the request, the student must present the signed form to the instructor’s Associate Dean (or designate) for Faculty approval and then, if approved by the Associate Dean, to their Program Director for final approval. The form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the end of the second week of classes. Students should pay close attention to the deadlines for registration.
Course withdrawal procedures and deadlines are the same as for regular credit courses.

Course audit fees for graduate students are included in their program fees. Costs of field trips and incidental expenses must be paid by the students.

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The Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan allows graduate students to take graduate courses at another Ontario University (Host University) while remaining registered at OCAD U. The plan allows students to bypass the usual application for admission procedures and resultant transfer of credit difficulties. Students pay fees to OCAD U and are classed as “visiting graduate students” at the Host University. OCAD U graduate students interested in taking a graduate course at another Ontario University under the OVGS plan must complete the OVGS Application Form.

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The Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement (CUGTA) provides students in good standing enrolled in a graduate degree or diploma program at a Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS) member university the opportunity to avail themselves of courses offered at another member institution (host) for transfer credit to the program at their institution (home).

The definition of “home” is the institution in which the student applicant is enrolled and is expected to provide the graduate degree or diploma. The “host” is defined as the institution at which course credits can be obtained that can be counted toward a degree or diploma at the home institution.

Students covered by the Agreement will pay tuition for the course concerned and applicable incidental fees at the host institution.

To take a course through the CUGTA agreement graduate students must complete the CUGTA Application Form.

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