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Analytics Lab. Photo by Christina Gapic.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Analytics Lab. Photo by Christina Gapic.

Undergraduate programs in Liberal Arts & Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences courses explore the theories and ideas informing art and design practice, providing an historical and critical dimension to studio work in art and design.

Curriculum covers a broad range of disciplines, from visual culture to the natural sciences, and forms the academic core of every degree program at OCAD University.

The faculty facilitates degree transfer for current students and degree conversion for alumni, offering a host of courses students can use to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts or a Bachelor of Design. These include English (ENGL), Humanities (HUMN), Social Sciences (SOSC) and Science/Technology/Mathematics (SCTM).

The Honours BA in Visual and Critical Studies offers an alternative track for students interested in a career in visual arts and/or preparation for graduate study.

Courses in History and Theory of Visual Culture (VISC) offer students the opportunity to explore historical, social, aesthetic, philosophical and other issues related to the fields of art and design. Courses in other fields of study provide students with a broad overview of various disciplines.

Collectively, Liberal Arts & Sciences courses will develop your written communication abilities and your capacity for analysis and critical thinking. Individually, they’ll challenge you to inform your art and design practice with new theoretical perspectives and diverse methodologies.


Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences minors

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies Office

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Ian Clarke, Interim Dean
Ryan Rice, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Marie-Josée Therrien, Associate Dean of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives
Craig Porter, Office Manager
Elizabeth Clydesdale, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Amy Jung, Coordinator, Academic Planning
Kirstyn Moore, Program Assistant
Carlina Chen, Program Assistant

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Through the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, OCAD University offers programs that afford students the opportunity to choose a path that crosses disciplinary boundaries and integrates leading-edge approaches with traditional art and design disciplines. 

OCAD U offers students the opportunity to follow a path that crosses disciplinary boundaries in several ways:

  1. Students can study Digital Futures as an undergraduate program, a graduate master's program or graduate part-time diploma program. 
  2. Minors are available in more than a dozen disciplinary fields and allow students to add a secondary field of study to their overall program.
  3. Thematic interdisciplinary minors draw courses from all subject areas at OCAD U.
  4. Interdisciplinary courses are thematically based and often team-taught by professors from two different faculties.

Interdisciplinary minors

The focus of the minor in Indigenous Visual Culture is contemporary practice, theory and expression in First Nations, Métis and Inuit art and design in Canadian and international contexts. This minor integrates Aboriginal perspectives into course syllabi and places Aboriginal faculty in the studios and classrooms.

The minor in Digital Media offers students in-depth instruction in leading contemporary critical theories and art and design practices in digital media. Students develop critical and production skills to produce creative interventions in digitally mediated spaces, digital artworks, and prototypes for processes, interactions, objects, devices and environments.

The Minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is a distinctive, interdisciplinary, course of study for those seeking to develop business expertise that is applicable to the creative industries. The aim of the Minor is to develop the capabilities of those working in the creative industries so that they can engage with the world of business in an informed manner. 

The Games and Play minor creates an interdisciplinary specialization in independent, DIY and alternative game making. Students build expertise focused on experimental and expanded game form as well as for interactive media creation more generally. Taking this minor will develop a student’s capacity to critically engage with contemporary game making and to build innovative games, as well as build expertise central to the art, design and development of independent video games across a broad range of contexts, whether as entertainment or beyond.

The minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies provides students with an informed understanding of gender and sexuality constructions and an appreciation for diversity under neoliberal, patriarchal conditions and contexts. It helps students to develop creative strategies of critique and intersectional analysis of heteronormative, oppressive and exploitative social and economic forces impacting individuals and groups in complex ways.

The minor in On-Screen Media offers an interdisciplinary approach to a range of audiovisual media that supports innovation and leading edge creativity through its integral multimedia structure. It is designed as a site for interdisciplinary and transmedia discourse and production innovations that encompass film, video and digital media concerns with screen concept, sequence, narrative and storytelling.

The minor in Wearable Technology draws together an understanding of sensor and wireless technologies, fabrication skills in electronics and material arts, and an understanding of the sociology of the body to open possibilities for artists and designers to new experiences with technology. This program takes a holistic, experimental and concept-led approach to the subject matter integrating science, art, design, craft, technology, fashion and philosophy enabling the student to conceive, design, develop and fabricate basic working prototypes and art works.