INVITATION: You are invited to participate in a research project looking into how design has and can serve and support the process of community-building and place-making in Toronto—where can this lead us in the next wave of social, demographic, and technological change? This discussion is part of a two-year research project that your input will be a part of.

CONTEXT: Design is both an evolving and evocative creative process permeating all aspects of social, economic, and political life, and it is shifting the way our city operates, and functions. With human-centred values and diverse perspectives, advocacy, and calls to action, we are collectively and individually changing the social and physical fabric of Toronto, often with design as the catalyst. As we approach 2020 Design ManifesT.O. asks that we reflect on how we as citizens have made change happen in order to build community and turn non-places into vibrant spaces. How has design supported city-making over the last decades and how can we channel it to lead the next wave of social, demographic, and technological change? 

WHAT’S INVOLVED: Your contribution online can be an image, a poem, a thought, a story… Whatever the submission it will be submitted to a private inbox and. The submissions will be collected and analyzed and may be included in the final artefact. Your submission can be anonymous or can be attributed to you depending on your preference. 

POTENTIAL BENEFITS AND RISKS: The benefit is to be a part of a greater discussion on a vision for Toronto which may contribute to our collective future. There is a reasonable, foreseeable risk to participants in that the event will be video- and/or tape- recorded and stories may be shared in the public realm. 

HOW ARE WE GOING TO MITIGATE RISKS?If, after submitting online, you feel uncomfortable contact one of the individuals listed on this site and ask for your submission to be redacted. Your submission will not be included in the analysis and will be immediately be destroyed. 

CONFIDENTIALITY: Submissions go to a private inbox. Your name will only appear on your submission if you choose this option when submitting.

 VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION: Participation is voluntary. 

PUBLICATION OF RESULTS: We hope to revisit the community with results of the research and a draft Design ManifesT.O. 2020 representing the aspirations for a future Toronto for inclusion in an artefact (a manifesto, a guidebook, a time capsule…).

AGREEMENT:I agree to participate in this project as described above. I have made this decision based on the information I have read above and the attached list of questions, and any other supporting materials provided. I have had the opportunity to receive any additional details I wanted about the research study and event, and understand that I may have questions in the future for the researchers. I understand that I may withdraw this consent one week after submission without repercussion. 

 Thank you for your assistance in this project. Please keep a copy of this form for your records




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