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Design WoManiFesTO

Design ManifesT.O. 2020 – Collectively and individually changing the social and physical fabric of Toronto.

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Design is an evolving, evocative creative process permeating all aspects of social, economic, and political life, and it is shifting the way our city operates and functions. With human-centred values and diverse perspectives, advocacy, and calls to action and equality, we are collectively and individually changing local neighbourhoods, and the larger social and physical fabric of Toronto, often with design as the catalyst. As we approach 2020, Design Wo/ManifesT.O. asks that we reflect on how we as citizens have made or hope to make change happen in order to build community and turn forgotten and 'non-places' into vibrant spaces. How can design and allied arts support community based place-making? How can we channel creative practice to address challenges of the next wave of social, demographic, and technological change in our city?

Design Wo/ManifesT.O. 2020 is a series of forums/workshops that are being organized throughout the six boroughs of Toronto. Join the conversation by attending a forum/workshop or by submitting your own story of change making, community building, or place-making using the submission button on this site.