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Image Credit: Maria Thereza Alves, Seeds of Change: A Floating Ballast Seed Garden, 2012-2016.

Global Experience Project

Image Credit: Maria Thereza Alves, Seeds of Change: A Floating Ballast Seed Garden, 2012-2016. Photo © Max McClure ( Courtesy of Bristol City Council ( ), Arnolfini and University of Bristol Botanic Garden.

Interested in social change on an international scale? Would you like to expand your practice, travel abroad and receive an OCAD U credit while making art alongside an internationally acclaimed artist (Maria Thereza Alves, 2018; Isaac Julien, 2017). Enroll in the Global Experience Project.

With the generous support of the Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation, the Global Experience Project (GEP) exposes OCAD University’s most promising creative minds to the rich and varied landscape of global artistic practice. Students experience firsthand how art can make a difference on an international scale.

The Global Experience Project course will facilitate an immersive and experiential learning environment for students by connecting them with international visiting artists and notable scholars at their home campus and abroad. Centered on the artist-in-residence and led by a team of OCAD U faculty, this studio seminar course provides senior level undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to examine the themes, language and techniques of the artist.


gestures: life in the shadow of a volcano

Exhibition Opening

Monday, February 11, 6:30 p.m.

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Maria Thereza Alves

Photo of Issac Julien, shot by Graeme Robertson

Maria Thereza Alves’ projects focus on decolonizing knowledge. She investigates strategies on survivance by giving space and voice to silenced histories. Since the early 1990s Alves has addressed both the devastating effects of Portuguese imperialism on the indigenous peoples of her native Brazil and the impact of the Spanish conquest of the Americas. Alves’ Seeds of Change has been awarded the Vera List Center Prize for Art and Politics for 2016-2018 in New York.



The Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation Global Experience Project was made possible by a $500,000 gift from the Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation to OCAD University. The Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation has been a supporter of OCAD U for nearly 15 years by funding such events as the annual Graduate Exhibition and the Nomadic Resident Program.

“We are grateful to the Weinbaums for giving this opportunity to some of the university’s most promising creative minds, enabling them to immerse themselves in the rich and varied landscape of global artistic practice,” said Dr. Sara Diamond, OCAD University President and Vice-Chancellor. “The Global Experience Project will expand OCAD U’s global connections to strengthen teaching and learning experiences.”

“The Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation is delighted to invest in this transformational program at OCAD U, where students will engage with world-renowned artists and embark on international learning experiences,” said Carol Weinbaum, representative of the Foundation.


Angela McIntosh
Angela immigrated to Canada from Australia in 2010. She is in her third year of a BFA at OCADU with a major in Sculpture and Installation and a minor in Material Art and Design (Fibre). Her work to date has largely centred around concepts of identity and interconnectedness. Motivated by community-based work and the ability of art to connect and heal, Angela seeks to build an art practice that combines these values.

Colin Rosati
Colin is a Canadian born media artist currently practicing in Toronto. He is studying Integrated Media at OCAD University and won the Interaccess Award in 2018. By developing media artworks whose processes are collaborative and research based, Colin seeks to pursue agency by exploring desire within the current North American attention economy.

HollyJo Horner
HollyJo is a Toronto based interdisciplinary artist, working mainly in mould-making, material casting, ceramics and performance. She is currently completing her BFA at OCADU in Sculpture Installation and Material Arts. HollyJo’s work explores themes of intimate vulnerabilities, bodily integrity and play as sources of empathic healing and locating community. She finds solace in the process of making, while contemplating notions of emotional atmospheres, memory, trauma, mourning, identity and rituals that celebrate impermanence, in order to construct opportunities of visual and interactive discussions.

Kasra Goodarznezhad
Kasra is a new media artist currently based in Toronto. He was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. After studying for his Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design at Azad University of Tehran, he decided to continue his studies abroad and is now majoring in Integrated Media at OCAD University in Toronto. His recent practices are mostly focused on installation and video art.

Yunru Lily Lu
Lily is a multidisciplinary artist from Hefei, Anhui, China, who immigrated to Canada at the age of 11. Having been interested in art and its real impact on the world and humanity since childhood, Lily now enters her sixth year at OCAD U, majoring in Photography and minoring in Integrated Media. Lily adopts art making as a narrative, experimental and investigative tool, interested in concepts of the body and mind, metaphysics, as well as social systemic issues, through the approaches of psychology, sociology, philosophy, poetry and science.

Michelle Cieloszczyk
Michelle is a Polish-Canadian visual artist, in her 5th year of Sculpture Installation at OCAD U. She has won the 2017 First Capital Realty Sculpture Competition, the Haydn Davies Memorial Award, and the Best of 3D Works Award at the 2018 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Her work investigates various institutional and architectural structures put in place to administer, control, or normalize the body.

Star Nahwegahbo
Star Nahwegahbo is Ojibway/Scottish from Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation. She is a mother, front-line social service worker of 10 years, and currently in her second year in the Indigenous Visual Culture program at OCAD U. Star is currently exploring a wide range of mediums and conceptual themes around the impact of colonial violence on parenthood, as she strives to give voice to the intense work, sacrifice, and magic that goes into re-building self, family and communities.

Stéphanie Cloutier
Stéphanie is a Toronto-born French Canadian artist and writer. She has recently completed her BFA in Sculpture and Installation with a minor in Material Arts and Design (Fibre). As a multidisciplinary artist, Stephanie’s practice is based in textiles, installation, performance and video. She is interested in the notion of mending as an act of resistance and futility, while investigating the relationship existing between humans and objects, humans and the environment.

Taymah Armatrading
Taymah is a Caribbean-Canadian artist currently completing their BFA in the Integrated Media program at OCAD University. Taymah’s work is dedicated to ideas of decolonization and analysis of contemporary intersections of race, sexuality and gender. Their work explores issues of representation, with focus on reclaiming colonial spaces, and reinstating power into silenced politically and socially marginalized bodies through medias such as film, sculpture, and installation.

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