First-Year Art

First-year incorporates studio experience with critical thinking and it is the bedrock for supporting the learning architecture of the upper levels. There is great depth in our majors, but we value breadth of study as well, supported by courses from Liberal Arts and Sciences. Additionally, our students are encouraged to pursue a minor offered through one of the three faculties. The Florence Studies Abroad Program provides an opportunity to study art within a unique cultural setting and European context. The Faculty of Art seeks integration with the Digital Futures Initiative, the Aboriginal Visual Culture Program, the Faculties of Liberal Studies and Design as well as Graduate Studies.

Please note: Beginning in 2012/2013 students accepted to the Faculty of Art will be admitted either to the Drawing & Painting Program or to the general First-Year Program. Students in the general First-Year Program will select their major during their first year of study. There are a limited number of spaces in all programs.