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Digital Painting Atelier

My residency at the Digital Painting Atelier at OCAD was fantastic. It is a rare experience to be given space and time to work, as well as the equipment you need, material and financial support, and the opportunity to engage with an exciting and welcoming art school community. I came to Toronto with a project in mind, and everyone at OCAD did everything they could to make sure I was in a position to make the work and leave with a finished edition of professional prints, which I did. But I also was offered such amazing hospitality, including getting shown around Toronto's galleries, taken to the museum, and the chance to get to know some really wonderful faculty, staff, and students. And of course, it was great to give a talk about my work and to meet one-on-one with many students to give feedback about theirs. I've applied to and done many residences, and the Digital Painting Atelier is very unique — those of us working with digital painting and digital drawing should be grateful it exists.”

Leah Beeferman – Artist, DPA participant


The Digital Painting Atelier is an innovative artist in residence program that is designed to support the digital curriculum of the Drawing and Painting Program and the new DPXA area of specialization in the Faculty of Art. Drawing on the initial success of the Digital Atelier initiative, this new residency is an opportunity for artists to interact with the OCAD U community and produce new works with the use of our Drawing and Painting Digital Research Lab. The residency will contribute to the diversification and innovation of artistic practice and make valuable contributions to OCAD University as well as advance digital technology and art making within the fields of drawing, painting and animation.

What is The Digital Painting Atelier?

Artists are invited to submit proposals to the Digital Painting Atelier. Artists. Selected through a jury process, this opportunity provides an artist with one-week access to technology and technical support offered through the Digital Drawing and Painting Lab for creative experimentation and expansion of their practice. The DPA artist will produce a new and original edition of artwork/digital prints and interact with the community of the Drawing and Painting program. The artwork produced during the residency will benefit both the visiting artist and the Drawing and Painting program. The artist maintains majority ownership through a 60/40 split of a minimum edition of 5 prints. The Faculty of Art will exhibit, auction and archive the remaining 40% of the edition. This in turn offsets the cost of running the Digital Painting Atelier and helps to raise funds for other initiatives in the Faculty of Art.


OCAD University students will have an opportunity to interact with the DPA artist in residence as well as assist in the development of the artist’s project. The visiting artist will be expected to lecture on their work, conduct informal presentations, critiques and/or workshops with students and faculty. Moreover, the DPA artist will be entitled to an honorarium, travel expenses and accommodations during the residency. Please see the application form for more details.


Previous DPA Residency participants: Dara Alter (New Jersey), Chris Dorosz (Los Angeles), Sasha Pierce (Toronto), Kyle Hittmeier (New York), Jessica Langley (New York), Shaheer Zazai (Toronto), Paul Fournier (Toronto), Kate Wilson (Toronto), Alex Fischer (Toronto), Leah Beeferman (Brooklyn, New York), Brendan Flanagan (Montreal), Danielle Tegeder (New York), Jon Rafman (Montreal), Pia Myrvold (Paris), Alex McLeod (Toronto), and Alex Livingston (Halifax)

OCAD University Digital Painting Atelier

Deadline: August 16th
We are currently scheduling for October/November 2016, and February/March 2017.
Please visit the Digital Painting Atelier Webpage
The DPA submission form can be downloaded here
Please contact John Deal at dpa@ocadu.ca for further information.

Featured art works:

Chris Dorosz
Chris Dorosz 2016

Dara Alter
Dara Alter, 2016

Kyle Hittmeier Wall
Kyle Hittmeier, 2014

Kyle Hittmeier Drafting Table
Kyle Hittmeier, 2014

JLangley Barbarella Sees Arroyo
 Jessica Langley, 2015

Shaheer Zazai
Shaheer Zazai, 2015