EAD Program: Benefits and Student Feedback  

EAD will provide you with the skills to:  

  • feel more confident speaking in class
  • learn how to be a more effective reader
  • learn specialized art and design vocabulary and concepts 
  • learn how to understand a university lecture and how to take notes
  • practice the kinds of assignments that you will have in your OCAD University courses
  • learn what OCAD University instructors expect from students
  • get to know OCAD University and Toronto before classes begin, and to meet other students

Here is what former EAD students had to say:

"This program is not just an English program but it is a very useful way to spend my time experiencing a facet of OCAD culture. It was like a condensed experience to learn how the actual semester will be. I want to recommend this program for those ESL students who feel like they are not prepared for university. Take the program, learn and experience what they teach. Take advantage of being early birds in August, then you will find yourself as an OCADian already!” — Jae

"I never thought this program would change my understanding of art. I was expecting to work on grammar and other things they usually do in ESL classes. I’m so glad it wasn’t like that! I think the connection we had with our instructors gave us more freedom to ask questions and understand the lecture better. I was amazed by their time management because everything was so clear and helpful for us." — Tina

"I had a blast in this program and learned many things. I’m really sad that it’s come to an end. Waking up early in the morning has never been easier as I knew that what was waiting for me was a nice day. All ESL students...should be aware that this course is here. The program has introduced us to how life will be at OCAD. We also learned about writing and I feel like we have a head start before anyone else! [I never expected] that summer courses could be fun! I learned more about colour and art history (visual culture) in a fun and helpful environment." — Steven

"I feel more confident, because I was so nervous before. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn about writing, how to put sentences together, and use new vocabulary." — Hoda

"Group work and presentations [helped my English the most] because I got to practice my spoken English. I used to hate group work but now I love it! [Our instructors] took time to explain new things to us with audiovisuals and examples. Now I know what my professors are going to talk about because I know the basic vocabulary. I loved waking up every morning to be with this group! Thank you for this great program. I really loved it." — Magda

"It was really helpful and I think the EAD program prepares students for fall semester by teaching them how to write, listen and take part in class discussion. The lecture was really good for my listening. Also, I learned how to listen and take notes simultaneously." — Hani

"I think everything that I learned during this program helped me a lot. I’ve got a deeper understanding of Art and Design and discussing, reading and writing about it helped me improve my English. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to co-operate with other people in class." — Kyung-Jin

"The Reading Studio really helped me to read articles and essays wisely. I realized my way of reading was not efficient. The program was scheduled very well. Everything was prepared on time and people were satisfied with it." — Anna

"Before this program I had few chances to meet people who use English very well. I improved my English through the class because of my teachers and classmates." — Young-Eun

"All the instructors are very kind and helpful, and they used humour — I really liked that. Class discussion was good for improving my English. Speaking and listening with many people is really good practice for surviving at an English university." — Nobuko

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