English for Art and Design

What is English for Art and Design (EAD)?

EAD is a six week summer program for English Language Learners (ESL/multilingual students) who are already accepted to OCAD University and are planning on starting in September. EAD can help you practice the language skills you need to talk and write about your work, negotiate group projects, and participate in class discussions.

EAD is designed for OCAD U students and taught by OCAD U instructors.

Am I eligible?

You can apply for EAD if:

  • you have already been accepted by OCAD U
  • you have already accepted OCAD U’s offer
  • you meet OCAD U’s English Proficiency Requirements OR you are in the EAD Discretionary Range.
  • If your language test scores are below OCAD U’s proficiency requirements, a passing mark in the EAD program satisfies these.

    What are the costs of the EAD program?

    2018 Program Fees
    Tuition Fee: $2,100
    (+ $50 Application Fee + $70 Materials Fee + HST)