Vision and Mission Statements

Mission Statement 4: The Powerful Interplay of Art, Design, the Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Sciences

‘We engage with materials, data, technologies, ideas and pedagogy and diverse Indigenous perspectives to support unique research, studio practice and learning, creating interdisciplinary and emergent forms of knowledge.’

OCAD University celebrates the traditions of studio pedagogy-learning and critique, and expands studio practices through the interplay of disciplines.

Promoting this interplay is our culture of critique, which is inherently reflective and collaborative. We expand art and design education to foster flexible thinking, risk-taking and innovative approaches to creative problem-solving. We value the capacity to move between looking and seeing and between thinking and making, and we seek divergent research and emergent knowledge. With it we create new pathways, and new fields of research in the sciences and humanities.

Technological and pedagogical innovation, craft and material flexibility shape our current approaches to studio practice, and advance us into new areas. We seek new expressions of the interplay between culture and science in the Anthropocene, which characterizes this era of human intervention in the environment.

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